Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - Bronze Cup

The Krazy Khans won their first trophy, I now need to delve into the transfer market to find a few cheap players before I go for the next trophy.


New Tuesday A to Z - L (games never played)

Legend of Zelda (Various)

Should this be for the letter Z or L?
Anyhow I have not completed a single Zelda game I started Link to the Past on the snes & found it boring so went back to my turn-based rpgs. The N64 I have both games and have not even opened them yet, they are still sealed !! I am pretty sure that I also have the Wii game I think somewhere?

Landstalker (Mega Drive)
I found the isometric view very difficult to control the character and gave up on this action RPG

Lego Lets make a game out of a movie (Various)
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Batman, Teletubbies etc
Churning them out like a foxconn factory, the kids enjoy them and I've finally succumbed to trying one of these out in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lylat Wars or Starfox if you will (Various)
Space shoot em up with animals only Nintendo could come up with the idea of having Animal Crossing in space, the original game on the snes showcased the fx engine with sharp pointy triangles.

Legacy of Kain (Playstation)
Some action adventure title set in the after life I think? by Eidos?

Luigui's Mansion (Gamecube)
Again I lower my head in shame on this, I really really must get round to playing this gem of a game.


Steam - Welcome back to PC gaming

I am not sure why? Maybe it was the purchase of a new widescreen TFT monitor? Maybe it was the discussion of Guild Wars 2? or Maybe it was some deep underlying urge to return to PC gaming?

Thanks mainly to the indie bundles which came with steam codes I downloaded the following games Trine, Aquaria, Beep, Frozen Synapse, Gish, King Arthur, Lugaru, Nikopol, Penumbra, Samorost 2, Shadowgrounds, Sideway, Spacechem, The Ball, Trauma, Wastland Angel, World of Goo & Xotic

I tested out Trine with the wired xbox 360 controller I had and after a few config settings worked perfectly fine. I think the above list & my wired 360 controller have now given me another machine to use for gaming.

Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - Krazy Khans

I have not played a football game with any interest since the SNES days with Striker & ISS. Football management games possibly since Kick Off World & Ultimate Soccer Manager 98.

Fifa 11 the football game does not interest me because I am no good at it & end up getting beaten quite easily. The boys have been playing the Ultimate Team the last few weeks & the management side of the game has interested me so after finding out about the basics I decided it was time for the Krazy Khans to shine in the world of football.

After choosing my starting line-up from the player cards dealt to me at the start of the game, I signed up for a bronze tournament & within seconds I had scored my first goal (click this link to see the video on the EA site).

The first match ended with me winning 9-0 & more importantly has hooked me back into the world of football gaming. Now I need to delve into the transfer market to find some players.


Borderlands 2 - Launch Date Trailer Analysis

We see for the first time all four characters in the game.
Salvador who is the 'tank' class character similar to Brick in the first game. Maya is your siren (Lilith from the first game), Axton is your soldier class (Roland from the first game) & lastly we have Zero the Hunter class attacking with his sword (Mordecai in the first game).

We see a range of different enemies from robots to snow creatures, obviously lots & lots of weapons. New vehicles in possibly SUV's & helicopters?

The skill option tree for Maya is shown, Handsome Jack your nemesis smiles & comes into view. Lots of new locations are shown throughout the video & of course Claptrap is back !! :)

September 18th for US Release & 21st September for the rest of the world.

Pre-order secures you access to the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club & gifts you the Gearbox Gun Pack, a Golden Key and the Vault Hunter's Relic.

Not sure which retailer in the UK will be doing the pre-order but to emphasize in caps


Borderlands 2 - 21-09-2012


New Tuesday A to Z - K (games never played)

Kid Icarus (NES)
Some greek kid trying to control the failing Economy?

Kirby (Various)
I have never played any Kirby games, I'm not to fond of a pink blob of a

Kings Quest (Various)
Some RPG game that was the best of its time apparently? Oh! well time
has moved on

Knuckles Chaotix (32X)
From what I understand one of the better games on the 32X Add-on?


Skyrim Diary - Entry 19 - Daynas Valen & Folgunthur

Dear Diary,

After the dragon fight we continued on our way to Folgunthur, climbing a mountain pass we reached an abandon camp & I found a journal from Daynas Valen in which he details his search for the Gauldur legend & mentions traps & draugr inside the tomb.

Folgunthur arch was looming overhead & we entered to find some dead bodies of adventurers & draugrs. We walked into the next room and found a few more bodies & a dragon claw puzzle which had already been solved & unlocked a door which led to to a dining room filled with draugr. I noticed some oil on the floor & shouted to everyone "Get back !!" & launched a fireball at the oil stream which set alight and burned the draugr to ash. "Good thinking" replied Delphine. There was some nice loot in the room on on the charred draugr bodies including some gems.

Lydia had gone ahead and I heard her scream so ran after her to find her in a pool of water. "Going for a swim?" I said "Very funny, help me get out" she replied. Lydia had triggered another trap walking over a grate which opened to drop her down into a pool of water. A spiral staircase next to the grate led upstairs to a rope bridge, the dining room down below with the dragur bodies. A few more adventurer & draugr bodies littered the walkway & then I came across the body of Daynos Valen laying against a dragon claw puzzle. I looted his body to find the ivory dragon claw, a familiar staff, gold & some notes.

Reading the notes I learnt the truth that Daynos had managed to piece together from his research Gauldur was revered throughout the north, wisdom, wealth, honour, and power were his, and even Ysgramor's heirs sought his counsel. Smothered by his shadow, Gauldur's three sons grew cruel and resentful. They lusted after their father's power and prestige, and eventually Jyrik, the eldest, discovered its source: a mysterious amulet, from which he never parted. Together, they conspired to murder their father in his sleep and divide his amulet between them. And so it was done.

Consumed by their newfound power, the brothers laid waste to the surrounding villages. So great was the carnage that the High King himself intervened, sending a company of battlemages led by the Archmage Geirmund to subdue the brothers. And after a devastating battle, the three fled the field.

Mikrul, the youngest, was run to ground in Folgunthur, the ancient barows at the foot of Solitude. And though he fought for three days and nights, he was at last overcome and entombed there, his crypt sealed by an ivory claw.

Geirmund pursued Jyrik to the shattered crypts of Saarthal, half-buried even then. Ten veteran wizards fell before Jyrik's elemental magic, but he could not overcome them all together. He too fell, and was sealed within the ruined city.

And at last, Sigdis was cornered in the southernmost reaches of Skyrim. He challenged Lord Geirmund to a duel, knowing his foe was honor-bound to accept. And they clashed in battle, matched strength for strength, and fell together on the field before Ivarstead. The High King ordered a tomb built for Geirmund on the lake which still bears his name, and had Sigdis sealed within, forever guarded by the one who slew him.

Gauldur himself was interred in a cave not far from where his tower once stood, in the place called Reachwater Rock. And when it was done, King Harald issued an edict: the name and deeds of Gauldur and his sons were to be expunged from every record, every chronicle. Under pain of death, no word of them was to be spoken, lest any try to recover the amulet that had been sealed at so great a cost.

Daynos had become consumed by finding this amulet all his life that eventually it ended up taking his life.

I passed the notes to Lydia and said "We are searching for three parts to an amulet & one is located here in Folgunthur"

Lydia replied "Let's go and get the first piece"

I placed the ivory claw into the puzzle block & that lowered a drawbridge. Charging out came two draugr & Delphine & Lydia launched a flurry of arrows at them. The bridge led to some catacombs which were filled with draugr, traps & loot. I then came to a puzzle, a set of four gates with four handles to activate. After a few attempts Esbern said "Let me try". He pressed the first handle on the right, then the second on the left & the first on the left. All the gates then opened up. Delphine looked at me and smiled, I said "Thank you" to Esbern and walked through the gates.

I opened the wooden door at the bottom of the stairs to a large room with a grate, some old furniture & draugr who were resting on chairs got up to attack. After killing them I looked at the grate which was locked and had a set of stairs. "Oh, great another puzzle !!" I said and turned to look at Esbern, who had noticed a couple of handles and a chain in the room. He pulled the chain which released some darts and they hit Delphine & Lyida who screamed "Ouch !!" "Oops, sorry" said Esbern. I laughed and walked into a nearby room which had a couple of draugr to kill & then noticed a statue which had three symbols on it snake, fish & eagle. I heard Delphine shout "Take this!!", running back into the main room & I saw Delphine, Lydia & Esbern fighting a draugr wight. "Help!" said Lydia looking at me. I equipped my dual handed axe and took a couple of swipes to kill the draugr.

"Where did he come from?" I said. Lydia replied "Esbern activated a handle"
Esbern then said quietly "Sorry, but that handle has revealed another room with three moveable pillars"
I walked into the room and looked at the pillars which had the same animal images I saw in the other room. Esbern was rotating the pillars & I said "Snake, fish & eagle" "What?" replied Esbern "The pillars need to be snake, fish & eagle". Esbern rotated them to what I had said but nothing happened to the grate.

"Pull the chain?" said Delphine
"I'm standing out of the way" said Lydia
I walked over & pulled the chain which then unlocked the grate revealing the staircase.
"How did you know the pillar pattern?" said Esbern
"Lucky guess" I said & Lydia smiled.
"Huh?" replied Esbern
"There is a statue in the other room which had the order of snake, fish & eagle, thus I thought the pillars must be the same" I said
"Hmmph" said Esbern
"Let's go!" said Delphine who had started to walk down the revealed staircase.

At the bottom of the staircase we were met by an underground stream & some frostbite spiders. Following the stream along then led to a path leading up to a hallway lined with tombs that exploded and draugr stepped out to attack. A rotating puzzle door needed to be unlocked to allow us to enter the crypt where Mikrul was buried. Esbern suggested we rest before going through the door, so we moved all the draugr bodies away and sat down to eat & rest.


Friendle - Backgammon

Friendle gives you the option to play so many game but Backgammon is easily the most enjoyable to play. I have never played Backgammon before but like Carcassonne it took me a while to figure out.

You start off with either red or black counters & have to get your counters round the board clockwise or anticlockwise depending on your colour to your home (the bar at the bottom of the screen).

There is an element of luck in what number you get from the dices thrown so I will chalk up my first win against Lufferov down to luck.

Carcassonne - UGVM Match

A recent 5 player UGVM match ended in me winning, there is not much strategy you can deploy in a 5 player game, it is all about the luck of the tiles.

My stats now show I have played a total of 429 games, if you take each game to last an average of 30mins that is a staggering 214.5 hours !!

Gears of War 3 - Completed

We only started the game a few days ago but the story & gameplay are so enjoyable we could not keep it out of the 360 console.

The school half term holidays for Abbas & some days off from work for me helped. The plan was to sit & complete Halo Anniversary but thanks to the game freezing we ditched that & started Gears of War 3 instead.

Yes it is a short game possibly only 8 to 10 hours of gameplay on normal difficulty but it has some memorable boss fights along the way, dramatic story sequences & hoo-rah action.

Easily one of the best local co-op game series along with Army of Two


Skyrim Diary - Entry 18 - Giant & Mammoths vs Dragon

Dear Diary,

I could have taken the carriage from Whiterun to Solitude and walked down to Folgunthur but instead decided to get on my horse and enjoy the land of Skyrim. Along the way Esbern was telling us stories of his adventures with the Blades & sharing his knowledge of dragons.

When we entered the open plains of Morthal we could see a giant walking along with two mammoths then suddenly the roar of a dragon flying overhead. It flew past us breathing fire & landed on the ground. Lydia was firing off arrows, Esbern summoned an atronach & Delphine tapped me on the shoulder and said “Look”

The nearby giant and the two mammoths were attacking the dragon, the dragon knew it was outnumbered so shot up into the sky & flew around breathing fire at the giant & mammoth. It then landed close to us so Delphine & I charged in to finish it off. The soul of the dragon then lifted above and got adsorbed inside me. Esbern said “Amazing, so that is how the Dovakin takes the soul of a dragon” I replied “Yes, it felt a bit strange at first but by taking the souls of the dragons I am able to learn shouts that I find written in dungeons or caves”.

The giant and mammoths who had helped fight the dragon had now wandered off back on their journey & we continued on ours to Falgunthur.


New Game - Gears of War 3

After the failure that was Halo Anniversary, it was good to return to the Gears of War series and enjoy a co-op game that works.

The story continues with Marcus & Dom on board the Sovereign (There is a nice recap video on the main menu which give you the story from the first two games) awaiting the arrival of Chairman Prescott the ship is attacked by the lambent. Prescott then lands and hands Marcus a disk before going off to see the Captain.

Marcus then finds out via the disk that his dad is still alive, at this point the ship comes under attack from a leviathan. This is your first boss sequence & also your first chance to control a silverback mech. Baird & Cole help kill the leviathan from the bridge above but the ship is destroyed.

You then get a flashback showing how Baird & Cole whilst searching for supplies visit the stadium where Cole used to play, they then receive the distress call from the Sovereign about the leviathan attack. Baird then comes up with the idea of throwing a crate full of tickers onto the leviathan which also destroys the ship.

The gameplay is the same tested formula from the previous games except this time instead of the locust you have the lambent attacking you. The action sequences are really top draw with huge monster boss fights & Hollywood style cut scenes.

Very impressive, enjoyable & not buggy :)


New Logo - Gears of War 3

Marcus is back
With so many games to play & enjoy, I will not waste any time on a game that crashes. freezes or bugs out & stops me playing it.

Thus Halo Anniversary logo is in the trash can where it belongs & Gears of Wars 3 now takes the logo

343 Industries BUGFEST

Halo Anniversary - The party is over !!

We decided to play again after our last attempt ended in the game freezing just after we had reached Captain Keyes.

Arriving in the hanger bay I took out the surrounding grunts & elites & Abbas then went down to the lower level to take out any enemies.

And then it happened again the game froze AARGH !!!

Seriously what the F**K !!

We both looked at each other and said forget it we can't waste any more time on this bug filled pile of crap.

If this is what 343 Industries can make them I'm worried about Halo 4

Tomorrow I will start Gears of War 3 with Abbas instead.

New Game - Gatling Gears - You Never Walk Alone

It's been a long time since I completed my last co-op xbox arcade game Assault Heroes with Monster.

Gatling Gears is very similar just replace the cars with Mechs & you have your basic walk around shoot em up. You need to find three gold bars in each level so you can upgrade your mech at the start of the next level, I decided to upgrade my machine gun weapon & Monster upgraded the health on his mech

We completed the first area in the game which unlocks possibly the best name for an achievement ever "You Never Walk Alone"


New Tuesday A to Z - J (games never played)

Jet Force Gemini (N64)
Rare RARE R@re they might have made their best games on the N64 but this cartoonesque sci-fi shooter did not interest me at all, actually I think it might have been the N64 I hated more than the games, the hideous controller, the graphics engines (big bright blocky) anyhow back to my Playstation.

Jagged Alliance (PC)
Purchased a few times over the years usually because it has been discussed in some turn-based thread & I'm a sucka for buying games & leaving them on the shelf .... gathering dust.

Jade Empire (Xbox)
I suppose not owning the console in it's prime contributed to the missing out on most of the releases. Another game I would be interested in if it got a HD re-release.


New Logo - Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

New Logo - Handkerchief

Old Logo - Adventuring Forever
Time for a new logo not because I have completed Skyrim, far from it I think I will be playing Skyrim for many months to come but because recently I started Halo CE Anniversary with Abbas on local co-op & fancied a logo change

Halo CE Anniversary - Checkpoints

Surely the whole idea of checkpoints is that when you restart the game you start from your previous checkpoint?

This works well when playing a level and both Abbas & I meet out deaths, the game takes us back to the previous checkpoint but when you first load up the game instead of taking you back to your last checkpoint it takes you back to the beginning of the chapter.

Usually we would finish a chapter and then turn off for the day but whilst playing The Truth & Reconciliation level we managed to rescue Captain Keyes & activated the last part of the level "Shut up and get behind me... Sir" & then the game froze whilst I was killing a grunt. We had to take the disc out to get back to the dashboard to reload the game & it took us back to the start of the level !!

AArgh !! Friggin nearly finished the end of the level on Legendary difficulty !!


History - The start of the 90's

The history page has been updated with the first 5 years of the 90's, a return to console gaming, the taste of arcade gaming at home, the international world of import gaming & the tales of sorrow with day one purchases.

Next update will include the dawn of Sony, Sega's last hurrah & the joy of handheld gaming.

Skyrim Diary - Entry 17 - Skyrim Map

Dear Diary,

During breakfast Esbern was very quiet, Delphine & Lyida were discussing some the qualities of Ebony vs Dragonscale armour. I asked Esbern to join me for a walk around Whiterun whilst the girls got the supplies ready.

I looked at Esbern and said "I know you want me to go to Skyhaven Temple but all I have been doing for the past few weeks is chasing Dragons, I need a break from it all"

Esbern thought for a moment and replied "I know but you need to understand we cannot allow Alduin the luxury of time, Skyrim is in danger & you the Dovakin (dragonborn) are the only one who can stop him !!"

I sensed the anger & anxiety in Esbern's voice and did not know what to say, then Esbern handed me a rolled up paper. "Here, you will need this to get to Folgunthur"

I opened it to reveal a map of Skyrim.

Esbern said "It does not show you every location in Skyrim but I have marked the places I have visited, heard or read about. But after this quest we must go to Skyhaven Temple"

I look at him & could see the concern in his eyes & replied "Yes"


Skyrim Diary - Entry 16 - Lost Legends

Dear Diary,

I have this addiction with collecting books, I have looted many corpses & open chests to find treasures, jewels & rare weapons which I just sell on and keep the money but books, I will never sell any book (unless I already have the title). In books I can find out about the history of Skyrim through the ages, legends or stories they all give me some information.

Lost Legends by Talsgar the Elder tells of the death of Archmage Gauldur. The story goes he was murdered by either King Harald or one of his three sons. The kings battlemage Lord Geirmund pursued the three sons across Skyrim & one brother was said to have fallen at the ruins of Folgunthur, the others were killed soon after. The king ordered every record of Gauldur's name be struck from history. No bard will sing of the tale but even today the truth remains in some ancient ruins, for nothing is truly forgotten.

Lydia could see the glint of excitement in my eyes, Esbern & Delphine I could sense were thinking what was I doing wasting my time in old legends & that I should go to Skyhaven temple.

I then said to Lydia "Go & buy some supplies tomorrow we set off to Solitude & the ruins of Folgunthur" Delphine sighed & Esbern walked off with his head is some book


New Game - Halo CE Anniversary

Anniversary? Where's the party? I was not invited !! Oh! you have given me the re-release of the first game with a lick of paint? Is that it?

Um yep basically that is it, Abbas wanted to play the game again because it has co-op this time around. This will now be my third time playing this game ZZZZZzzzzzz. Oh!! sorry I drifted off... like I was saying this will be my third time playing this game. I first completed it on the PC & then again a few years later on the xbox.

Third time lucky I guess, it has local co-op & playing on legendary difficulty provides a difficulty spike. The lick of paint makes the environment look nice & you can go back to the old school graphics by pressing the back button if you want but I'm a graphics whore so will stick with the new look.

We completed The Pillar of Autumn & are part way through the Halo level before life intervened to force us to switch the game off. It's been a while since I have played a local co-op game with Abbas (Splinter Cell Conviction) & his game style has not changed, charging off into the distance whilst I take my time to look at the surroundings & take out enemies with my sniper rifle.

Next week is half-term & I have a few days off, I think in the next 10 days we can finish off the remaining 8.5 levels of the game? Now that's a challenge !!


UGVM Disc Drivin - Season 2 - Finished

UGVM Disc Drivin - Season 2

There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) of 4 players each with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded 4 for 1st down to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are Jump Start, Sprint, RC Raceway & Under a Big W

The first player in the league will start the first track Jump Start & invite player 2, 3 & 4 in order.

Then Player 2 will start the next race on Sprint & invite player 3, 4 & then 1.

Player 3 will start RC Raceway & invite Player 4, 1 & 2 in that order.

Lastly Player 4 will start Under a Big W & invite in order Player 1, 2 & 3.

Player 1 will wait to play his turn until all 4 races have started & are awaiting his/her turn to play. This will ensure when you come to play your turn you will have all 4 races waiting for you to play.

Any questions please ask me before starting your race.

Platinum League
Lufferov (Promoted from Gold) (13 Points)
HaggisHunter (7 Points)
Hakk (8 Points)
Jochta (Promoted from Gold) (12 Points)

Sprint - Luffers, Hakk, Jochta & Haggis
RC Raceway - Luffers, Jochta, Haggis & Hakk
Under a Big W - Luffers, Jochta, Haggis & Hakk
Jump Start - Jochta, Hakk, Haggis & Luffers

Lufferov wins the group by a single point & HaggisHunter gets relegated

Gold League
gospvg  (Promoted from Silver) (12 Points)
Xexyzx (10 Points)
carldjcross (Relegated from Platinum) (8 Points)
becs (Promoted from Silver) (9 Points)

Sprint - Carl, Xexyzx, gospvg & becs
RC Raceway - becs, xexyzx, gospvg & Carl
Jump Start - gospvg, xexyzx, carl & becs
Under a Big W - gospvg, becs, xexyzx & Carl

I get promoted & Carl drops down a league

Silver League
thermalsatsuma (Promoted from Bronze) (12 Points)
HarpingOn (Relegated from Gold) (11 Points)
Sessile (4 Points)
fluffmyster (Promoted from Bronze) (13 Points)

Sprint - Fluffmyster, Gazza,  Satsuma & Sessile
Big W - Fluffmyster, Satsuma, Gazza & Sessile
Jump Start - Satsuma, Fluffmyster, Gazza & Sessile
RC Raceway - Gazza, Satsuma, Fluffmyster & Sessile

Fluffmyster gets promoted & Sessile relegated

Bronze League
actionabbas (Relegated from Silver) (8 Points)
GusTavToo (11 Points)
monstermohsin (7 Points)
SomethingWitty (New Challenger) (14 Points)

Sprint - Gus, Witty, Abbas & Mo
Jump Start - Abbas, Witty, Gus & Mo
RC Raceway - Witty, Mo, Gus & Abbas
Big W - Witty, Gus, Mo & Abbas

The new challenger Witty get's promoted

Good luck to all & let me know the results via email, ugvm or twitter

All finished for Season 2, a little break & then I'll be back for SEASON 3 !!


New Tuesday A to Z - I (games never played)

Very difficult to find anything with the letter I 

IK+ (Atari ST)
Some kung fu fighting game for all the Bruce Lee fans

Indiana Jones (PC)
Another series of point & click games I think, I'm not really sure it did not interest me.

Iznogoud (PC)
Has anyone played it? 


iOS Gaming - Too many turns

Notification numbers are a great idea from Apple to let you know you have a pending action on a particular app but when my On-line Games folder recently got to 50 !!

Something had to be done, I was playing far too many iOS turn based games inc Disc Drivin, Carcacassonne, Poker Pals, Words with Friends, Friendle & many many more.

I'm blaming that many games for my recent loss in Words with Friends against Vicky (her first win against me)

So apologies to anyone who I have resigned or refused games against in any of the games.

To Vicky well done on your first & only win against me :)

Skyrim Diary - Entry 15 - Esbern

Dear Diary,

(Note - I decided to take a break from skyrim for a few weeks thus the lack of updates)

I explained to Delphine the information I had found at the Embassy. She said that Esbern is a blade & I should go to speak to Brynjolf in Riften he may have some information on his location.

Brynjolf is the head of the thieves guild in Riften and after some persuading told me to go look in the ratway warrens. Making my way though the warrens I cam across a few thugs & some Thalmor warriors.

Esbern was very suspicious and took some convincing that Delphine had sent me to look for him & agreed to accompany me back to Riverwood. When we left his room we were met by more agents and Esbern decided to help fight them off, he is very good mage & casts destruction magic. Arriving back at Riverwood Delphine was very happy to see Esbern, he explained that he has been keeping a low profile but has been following the return of the dragons.

Esbern went on to say that the dragons return was prophesied on Aludin's Wall in the Sky Haven Temple and we should go there to find more information, I explained that throughout my travels I had accumulated various quests & needed to complete those first. They both agreed that they would accompany me, with Lydia also by my side I now had my own little army.

Time to return home to Whiterun & read a book, Lost Legends I think?


New Tuesday A to Z - H (games never played)

I've avoiding mentioning any current gen releases but I am sure in years to come I will have more to add to the not played pile (I'm looking at you Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Fable 3 ....)

Anyhow back to the letter H only 2 titles for me.

Half Life 2 (Various) 
I completed the first game on my ageing PC but the 2nd game crashed on me & I've not been back to it since.
Hmm Orange Box Xbox 360 ...

Heroes of Might & Magic (PC)
I just never got the appeal of this western attempt at a strategy rpg, the eastern shores of Japan ruled the genre. Although I do note that the recent years the tide is changing .... 


Splurge - January 2012

The total for the month stands at £240.18 which I admit is a lot more than I thought I would be spending on the first month of the year.

If you look through my purchases for the month though I purchased 4 packs of xbox live points & a PSN+ subscription, these will keep me entertained throughout the year.

Taking those out of the total brings it down to £142.18 & then I should really exclude any games that I have purchased for the kids to play (Rayman Origins, Disney Universe, Halo Anniversary etc) this now brings the total down to £78.21

The majority of this £78 was spent on purchasing xbox 360 games

Kevin recently said on UGVM

"Similarly, limiting oneself to, say, £10 game purchases is a foolhardy enterprise if you end up having lots & not getting much out of them, whereas one £40 purchase might otherwise have lasted you for months."

I agree with this statement all of my 360 game purchases are just sat on the shelf I have not loaded up any of them to play. The purchases I have made are for future playtime, the Marvel UA games will hopefully be used for a weekly PMG. Dark Souls I purchased because I was curious of all the positive feedback from various people on UGVM so if it's crap I'm blaming them. Halo Wars & Divinity II will probably be the most likely if I am truly honest of all the purchases made this month that might gather some dust. That only leaves Lego Pirates of the Caribbean & I purchased this because after all the previous Lego games that have been released I have not played any of them & I enjoyed watching the movie so the game can't be that bad, I hope?

The remainder purchase balance was  made up of a few iOS purchases & a Gamecube Gameboy Advance player. Why? Yes well I do not have an answer for that & anyway February awaits with an extra day for purchases to be made.