Never Ending Games

I've decided to quit playing Clash Royale & Galaxy of Heroes. The grind in Clash Royale was just too much & the constant needs for character shards or shortage of gold/materials in Galaxy of Heroes was just beginning to bore.

I also did not see an end point for either game which is the main reason I stopped I'm not a fan of never ending games.

Give me a good campaign I can enjoy & by all means add a multi-player section that I can dabble in but once I am done with the campaign I am usually finished with the game.

I am sure time plays a huge part is this because the older I get the gaming time I have seems to decrease. I've only managed 2 hours this week playing Helldivers with the Claptrap Boys which by the way is a fun co-op game.

Need to find some time to finish off Batman, I'm at a difficult driving section near the end which I have tried on a few occasions & just cannot complete.

I'll leave you Limahl


New Game - Galaxy of Heroes (iOS)

I've started playing Galaxy of Heroes recently on the ipad, you collect Star Wars heroes (Light/Dark) and battle through campaign missions & various PvP modes.

Getting new characters is all down to luck in a pack or a lot of grinding for shards to unlock them. The two good characters I have at the moment are Ima-Gun Di who is a tank type class & Talia who is a healer.