Splurge - January 2012

The total for the month stands at £240.18 which I admit is a lot more than I thought I would be spending on the first month of the year.

If you look through my purchases for the month though I purchased 4 packs of xbox live points & a PSN+ subscription, these will keep me entertained throughout the year.

Taking those out of the total brings it down to £142.18 & then I should really exclude any games that I have purchased for the kids to play (Rayman Origins, Disney Universe, Halo Anniversary etc) this now brings the total down to £78.21

The majority of this £78 was spent on purchasing xbox 360 games

Kevin recently said on UGVM

"Similarly, limiting oneself to, say, £10 game purchases is a foolhardy enterprise if you end up having lots & not getting much out of them, whereas one £40 purchase might otherwise have lasted you for months."

I agree with this statement all of my 360 game purchases are just sat on the shelf I have not loaded up any of them to play. The purchases I have made are for future playtime, the Marvel UA games will hopefully be used for a weekly PMG. Dark Souls I purchased because I was curious of all the positive feedback from various people on UGVM so if it's crap I'm blaming them. Halo Wars & Divinity II will probably be the most likely if I am truly honest of all the purchases made this month that might gather some dust. That only leaves Lego Pirates of the Caribbean & I purchased this because after all the previous Lego games that have been released I have not played any of them & I enjoyed watching the movie so the game can't be that bad, I hope?

The remainder purchase balance was  made up of a few iOS purchases & a Gamecube Gameboy Advance player. Why? Yes well I do not have an answer for that & anyway February awaits with an extra day for purchases to be made.

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