Mass Effect 2 - Completed

After completing the various assignments & loyalty quests it was time to advance the main quest & use the Omega 4 relay. The final mission gives you various choices along the way when deciding which of your companions you want to use for a particular task.

Through these choices some of your companions might end up dying like Legion & Mordin (although I have no idea how he died). You then get to the final boss fight, a giant Terminator with lasers.

Decide on what you want to do with the collector ship, I ended up destroying it. The ending scene shows reapers gathering at the edge of space all building up for a final showdown in Mass Effect 3.

Time for some co-op gaming now with Knack & Army of Two Devil's Cartel whilst I decide on what single player game to play next.


Mass Effect 2 - Recruitment Drive

I hate the way the game forces certain missions on you without giving you the option to refuse or delay those quests. These quests are related to main quest line about the collectors, seemed to be triggered when you have recruited  a certain number of companions.

I currently have seven recruited but to avoid triggering another forced quest I am not going to recruit any more players thus giving me a chance to clear up on many of the various side quests & assignments.

I have just investigated a collector ship which was a trap & after giving the Illusive man a rollocking I decided to not go after an IFF (whatever that is?) but instead focus on further developing my team.


New Game - Dead Island Riptide

I got bored of playing Borderlands 2 & GTAV multi-player was only a short lived experience. Developers seem to be focussing on multiplayer or single player experiences so not many more co-op games left to play on the 360. Next gen seems to be moving towards introducing the MMO experience which I'm looking forward to playing with Destiny & The Division.

Back to the 360 & Dead Island Riptide, the story follows on from the first game with the same characters. I did not keep my save from the first game so started a new character with Xian. Your helicopter lands on a military ship & after quite a bit of FMV to lay down the foundations for the story you finally get to control your character through a prologue section. The prologue section is a tutorial to the games control, I lost sound part way through which lessened the experience but good to see the game keeps its trademarks bugs from the first game.

After the prologue surprise surprise you land on another island, I'm disappointed that the developer seems to have stuck with the same formula from the first game. When you land on the island you can then send out party invites & join up for some 4 player questing, zombie slashing & looting.

Beggars can't be choosers & the Claptrap Boys don't really have anything to play....


New Little King's Story - Hello Vita

It has taken me six months after purchasing my Vita to finally start playing a game.

New Little King's Story is a rpg with a micro management element. Your kingdom is destroyed & you are back to square one. Rebuild your kingdom by assigning various jobs to your citizens, gain gold & build new buildings to unlock more missions, skills & plans.

You can choose which citizens you wish to control and they travel the world with you fighting, digging for treasure or even collecting taxes.

Currently I can assign citizens to be a soldier (used for fighting obviously), builder (Um?? building) or gardener (used for digging). It's an enjoyable little game which will pass the time for when I can't get to use the TV to play Mass Effect 2.


Champ Man - Completed

The game recently kept on crashing on my iphone so I restarted the game on the ipad mini & took OUFC on winning streak culminating in winning the premier league & FA cup in my 7th season.

It is a simple management game but enjoyable enough for me to dream with Oxford United.


New Game - Mass Effect 2

After completing Assassin Creed 4 I decided to take a break from the PS4 & return back to the 360 to start playing Mass Effect 2 ( I really should go back to Dishonored at some point). I am enjoying this game far more than the first, I found the side quests really boring in the first game & then rushed the main quest to complete the game.

Good to see some characters from the first game returning, I have just recruited Garus to go along with Zaeed in my group. The levelling up of the characters is far more simpler than the first which is a bit disappointing but thankfully the mini games for hacking etc are far easier.

I'm currently focusing on side quests to recruit team members whilst also scanning planets for resources needed for upgrades & research.

Even though I have the PS4 I expect most of my gaming this year to still be on the 360 tackling the back catalogue which still includes Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Trilogy, Dead Space 2 & 3, Fable 3, GTA V & a few more I forget.