Ni No Kuni - I Love JAP rpgs again

Thanks to Ni No Kuni I have found my love for the JRPG again, words cannot describe how enjoyable an experience it is to play this game, the beautiful animation, the dialogue, the quirky Jap sense of humour & above all the joys of travelling the world map by air or sea.

After the giddy days of the PS1/PS2 this current gen just did not have the JRPGs I wanted to play or enjoy, Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 with is overly stupid difficulty spikes requiring an insane amount of grinding made me delete the game in disgust only to go try it again on the 360 a few months later in case I was mistaken. I completely wasted a summer of gaming when I should have been playing Red Dead Redemption instead which still sits on the shelf looking at me.

Anyway back to Ni No Kuni, I am currently flying around the world map looking for creatures to capture to make my final squad, my current target is a Lumberwood whose defense stats once fully upgraded turns him into a tank. Although he only spawns once on the Island next to the Fairyground & is proving difficult to capture. 

Gaming has changed this generation in that in the past I would speak to every character in a town to find out the tiniest detail that might provide some useful information. Taking notes as I played & constantly updating, crossing off to do lists etc

Now a quick google instantly tells me where I can find a particular ingredient or which creature has the best attack stats. 

Currently 32 hours in with still lots to do & enjoy. Time to fly Tengri