Beyond Two Souls & Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4) - Completed

Completed two more games this week in Beyond Two Souls, surprised I missed it when it was released on the PS3, enjoyable sci-fi/supernatural story & Star Wars Battlefront 2 the levels where you are flying a tie-fighter/x-wing are the most enjoyable. Looking forward to playing Star Wars Squadron.


Thank you PS4

With the PS5 looming VERY LARGE & assumming my pre-order arrives, the PS4 Endgame has arrived for me. I completed Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the weekend & have no intention of buying any more physical games. Ghost of Tshushima, CyberPunk, Star Wars Squadrons will all have to wait for the PS5 now.

That leaves me with eight weeks to enjoy games given away with PS+ I started with Erica yesterday a short intertactive film and not really much of a game.

Next is Entwined (another short game by Pixelopus who made Concrete Genie) then Beyond Two Souls.

I've loved the console for the games I have played but I am disappointed by the build quality of the Base PS4/PS4 Pro with regards to cooling, I had issues with controller thumb rot in the first couple of years but thankfully not since. My base PS4 still works, the kids use it to play Minecraft/Fortnite but it sounds like a turbine & even the PS4 Pro is tested at times.

I have enjoyed new experiences like PSVR but I mainly play video games for a good story.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

The story was good but the combat just clicked for me. Hoping it gets a PS5 remaster so I can play it again.

2. God of War

That story 😃

3. The Witcher 3

Still the best RPG this generation. Cyberpunk out soon can’t wait to play that on the PS5.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

I love westerns & Rockstar delivered another great experience to enjoy.

5. Spider-Man

Easily the best super hero game ever made at least until Miles arrives.

6. Titanfall 2

That single player campaign is amazing, a new twist at every turn and I love Mechs. Another game I hope is remastered on PS5 so I can play it again.

7. Metal Gear Solid V/Death Stranding

I put both of these together because KOJIMA!  

8. Uncharted 4

A fitting way to end the Uncharted franchise although I fully expect a new game to arrive on the PS5 at some point. 

9. Last of Us 2

Completed a few weeks ago damm Naughty Dog are at the top of their game.

10. Destiny

Yeah the story sucks but as multiplayer experiences go this is easily the most fun I have had this generation. Anyone up for the Vault of Glass?

Honourable Mentions

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Dragon Quest Builders, Stardew Valley & No Mans Sky.

Thank you PS4, cheers & bring on the PS5! 


Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS4) & Erica (PS4) - Completed

First lets start off with Final Fantasy 7 Remake which is much better than I expected it to be and I really enjoyed the new chanegs to the campaign. The combat takes a while to gel, I was playing on classic which gives you a slight pause so you can go through and figure out which spell/ability you want to use.

Now begins the long wait for part 2.  

Having completed FF7 Remake I now have no more physical games to play and due to arrival of PS5 in November I'm not buying anymore. Instead I am going to enjoy the many PS+ game I have in my library yet to play.

So Erica was the first I decided to enjoy, it is an interactive film basically with you making the choices. The plot is nothing special but it is short enough to complete in one sitting.



Animal Crossing (Switch) - Completed

I could play this game forever but I don't enjoy games that entice you to play daily or do not have a defined ending. So after seeing the credits and playing for a little bit longer I have decided the game is complete.

Switch focus now to Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PS4.


The Last of Us 2 (PS4) - Completed

Completed The Last of Us 2 recently, no surprise that the quality is top drawer from Naughty Dog. The game is however very violent, truthfully too violent for my liking but I very much enjoyed the story it told. The combat was a slight improvement over the first game and playing with headphones the audio was amazing.

Very impressed they managed to squeeze this much out of the PS4.

Next Animal Crossing & Final Fantasy 7 Remake.