Borderlands 2 - Launch Date Trailer Analysis

We see for the first time all four characters in the game.
Salvador who is the 'tank' class character similar to Brick in the first game. Maya is your siren (Lilith from the first game), Axton is your soldier class (Roland from the first game) & lastly we have Zero the Hunter class attacking with his sword (Mordecai in the first game).

We see a range of different enemies from robots to snow creatures, obviously lots & lots of weapons. New vehicles in possibly SUV's & helicopters?

The skill option tree for Maya is shown, Handsome Jack your nemesis smiles & comes into view. Lots of new locations are shown throughout the video & of course Claptrap is back !! :)

September 18th for US Release & 21st September for the rest of the world.

Pre-order secures you access to the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club & gifts you the Gearbox Gun Pack, a Golden Key and the Vault Hunter's Relic.

Not sure which retailer in the UK will be doing the pre-order but to emphasize in caps


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