Desperados 3 (PS5) - Completed Review

Desperados 3 is a tactics game released on PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4. I have been playing on the PlayStation 5 and apart from a couple of game crashes I have not experienced any other issues. I played the demo on the PlayStation store which lets you enjoy the first campaign mission using two of the five characters in the game. Cooper is your double revolver shooting cowboy & McCoy is your long range sniper. My main concern with any strategy title on console is how does it play with a controller. You switch characters with R1 and use their abilities with L1/L2 and square. The camera has two options with a follow the character mode or manual control which I preferred instead allowing me to scan the area and plan my strategy. There is also a great quick save ability, by just tapping the touchpad and believe me you will be using it a lot!

After enjoying the demo I had to purchase the full game and enjoy its remaining 15 missions. With the full game you also get to enjoy the other three characters in Hector your trap wielding heavy, Kate who via a disguise can distract enemies and my favourite character Isabelle who can mind-connect two enemies and kill both at the same time. You can also use various items on the map from dynamite, boulders and mine carts.

There is an execution freeze time mode in which you can chose multiple characters to perform certain actions to take out a group of enemies. This is very satisfying when you manage to pull it off. 

If you are up for a tougher game you can play in hard mode which will help you unlock one of the completion badges per mission and there are various badges targets like speed run, using no disguise or no kills. You will also unlock Baron Challenges which gives you a smaller map to complete with certain characters and conditions like no alarms raised.

In summary then it is a great strategy title that plays very well with a controller and I will definitely be picking up developer Mimimi Games earlier title Shadow Tactics which is a similar strategy title set in Japan Edo period. With Desperados 3 completed, next for me is Lost Sphear a JRPG by Tokyo RPG Factory.


Astro's Playroom (PS5) & The Last Campfire (PS5) - Completed

ASTRO's PLAYROOM I went back to Astro's Playroom to finish off and collect all the jigsaw pieces & artifacts. It's a lovely introduction to the PS5 controller and a great love-letter to Playstation gaming history.I've also completed The Last Campfire where you are an Ember helping lost souls move on by solving puzzles. Nothing too difficult although a couple did have me pause for thought to figure them out.Next, I tried A Plague's Tale but found it difficult to get into not sure why but the poor character animation (looked very janky) did not help. So I've gone back to messing around with Dreams & will start Desperados 3.


Ghost of Tsushima (PS5) - Completed

There is no need to buy new games for a new console when you can still enjoy all the games you own thanks to Backwards Compatibility!

So I started the life of the PS5 enjoying Ghost of Tsushima, an open world samurai adventure game released on the PS4 by Sucker Punch (Infamous/Sly Cooper). You play as Jin Sakai who fights againsts his samurai code to defend the island of Tsushima against a Mongol invasion.

I've been hoping Ubisoft at some point would visit Japan for their Assassin Creed series but thankfully they never delivered and Sucker Punch instead produced a great world to explore and enjoy. I love that there is very minimal UI in the game and no on-screen world map.


The main quest focusus on Jin's relationship with his Uncle Lord Shimura but there are also lots of other characters that are given substantial time to shine, I especially enjoyed the adventures with con-artist Kenji & Monk Norio.

There are other activities in the game from collectables like artifacts, vanity items to paying your respects to Fox Den shrines. Scaling the damaged shrines brought back Tomb Raider memories.

Overall a great single player campaign, brilliantly voice-acted with an epic culmination.

Certainly up there with the great open world games this generation like The Witcher 3 & Horizon Zero Dawn. I have just completed my Game of the Year.

Next The Last Campfire by Hello Games.


New Console - Playstation 5


Some initial thoughts after playing for a few hours.

The controller really is special and the bundled Astro Playroom really shows off the new features from adaptive triggers to the haptic feedback. The game itself is a trip down Playstaion memory lane with lots of nice touches and nods to classic games.
The console itself is heavy & tall but most importantly very silent. Hopefully it will forever stay quiet and the days of PS4 turbine gaming are gone. The dashboard feels very slick, fast & responsive.
I've not purchased any other games on launch because I have an extensive PS4 collection to still enjoy starting with Ghost of Tsushima.


Need for Speed Payback (PS4) - Completed

I've had an itch to enjoy a racing game for a long time and nothing could scratch it until Need for Speed Payback was added to PS+ in October. 

Yes it has a really bad story but where it matters most in the driving it is great fun with four different classes in Drag, Race, Off-Road & Drift. Lots of events for you to complete which follow the main story arc in taking down various car leagues. There are also chips to collect, billboards to smash and tons of challenges from top speed, drift zones, jumps etc. In fact there are too many of these challenges that just litter the map!

To upgrade the cars you can complete events which you can replay if required to earn a card that will upgrade one of six components of your car. You can also visit a tuning shop to purchase these cards using the credits earned during the game. It is not too difficult to get cars up to the max level 18 and 399 rating.

When driving around you may get lucky and find a bait crate. These are great fun, you collect the crate & have to race to the destination with cops chasing you down.

Overall a great fun racing game that I enjoyed playing & it has definetly scratch my racing itch!


Sayonara Wild Hearts (PS4) - Completed


I wanted to take a break from playing Need for Speed Payback to enjoy Sayonara Wild Hearts, Its a short experience just over an hour to play through this musical album. Game play has different sections on endless running, shooting, flying & driving. There is a score challenge to get gold rank on the stages which is very difficult to do on the first attempt but can be achieved with multiple playthroughs. 


Sniper Elite 4 (PS4) - Completed

There is something satisfying about playing a sniper in a video game, taking your time to line up a shot and then bang! Headshot!

Sniper 4 let me enjoy those moments time after time to ensure I get that need out of my system for good.

Game completed & onto Need for Speed Payback.

PS5 will be arriving soon & Ghosts of Tshushima has been patiently waiting to be enjoyed.


Entwined (PS4) - Completed

A nice short game where you control a bird & a fish over many lifetimes. One with the left stick & the other with the right, move both sticks in the directions of oncoming portals and collect orbs along the way. When your energy bar is full you can create a link and complete the stage. 

It's a very relaxing game and over in a couple of hours.

Next, I am still working my way through the PS+ game I want to play so Sniper Elite 4.


Beyond Two Souls & Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4) - Completed

Completed two more games this week in Beyond Two Souls, surprised I missed it when it was released on the PS3, enjoyable sci-fi/supernatural story & Star Wars Battlefront 2 the levels where you are flying a tie-fighter/x-wing are the most enjoyable. Looking forward to playing Star Wars Squadron.


Thank you PS4

With the PS5 looming VERY LARGE & assumming my pre-order arrives, the PS4 Endgame has arrived for me. I completed Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the weekend & have no intention of buying any more physical games. Ghost of Tshushima, CyberPunk, Star Wars Squadrons will all have to wait for the PS5 now.

That leaves me with eight weeks to enjoy games given away with PS+ I started with Erica yesterday a short intertactive film and not really much of a game.

Next is Entwined (another short game by Pixelopus who made Concrete Genie) then Beyond Two Souls.

I've loved the console for the games I have played but I am disappointed by the build quality of the Base PS4/PS4 Pro with regards to cooling, I had issues with controller thumb rot in the first couple of years but thankfully not since. My base PS4 still works, the kids use it to play Minecraft/Fortnite but it sounds like a turbine & even the PS4 Pro is tested at times.

I have enjoyed new experiences like PSVR but I mainly play video games for a good story.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

The story was good but the combat just clicked for me. Hoping it gets a PS5 remaster so I can play it again.

2. God of War

That story 😃

3. The Witcher 3

Still the best RPG this generation. Cyberpunk out soon can’t wait to play that on the PS5.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

I love westerns & Rockstar delivered another great experience to enjoy.

5. Spider-Man

Easily the best super hero game ever made at least until Miles arrives.

6. Titanfall 2

That single player campaign is amazing, a new twist at every turn and I love Mechs. Another game I hope is remastered on PS5 so I can play it again.

7. Metal Gear Solid V/Death Stranding

I put both of these together because KOJIMA!  

8. Uncharted 4

A fitting way to end the Uncharted franchise although I fully expect a new game to arrive on the PS5 at some point. 

9. Last of Us 2

Completed a few weeks ago damm Naughty Dog are at the top of their game.

10. Destiny

Yeah the story sucks but as multiplayer experiences go this is easily the most fun I have had this generation. Anyone up for the Vault of Glass?

Honourable Mentions

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Dragon Quest Builders, Stardew Valley & No Mans Sky.

Thank you PS4, cheers & bring on the PS5! 


Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS4) & Erica (PS4) - Completed

First lets start off with Final Fantasy 7 Remake which is much better than I expected it to be and I really enjoyed the new chanegs to the campaign. The combat takes a while to gel, I was playing on classic which gives you a slight pause so you can go through and figure out which spell/ability you want to use.

Now begins the long wait for part 2.  

Having completed FF7 Remake I now have no more physical games to play and due to arrival of PS5 in November I'm not buying anymore. Instead I am going to enjoy the many PS+ game I have in my library yet to play.

So Erica was the first I decided to enjoy, it is an interactive film basically with you making the choices. The plot is nothing special but it is short enough to complete in one sitting.



Animal Crossing (Switch) - Completed

I could play this game forever but I don't enjoy games that entice you to play daily or do not have a defined ending. So after seeing the credits and playing for a little bit longer I have decided the game is complete.

Switch focus now to Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PS4.


The Last of Us 2 (PS4) - Completed

Completed The Last of Us 2 recently, no surprise that the quality is top drawer from Naughty Dog. The game is however very violent, truthfully too violent for my liking but I very much enjoyed the story it told. The combat was a slight improvement over the first game and playing with headphones the audio was amazing.

Very impressed they managed to squeeze this much out of the PS4.

Next Animal Crossing & Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Concrete Genie (PS4) - Completed

Concrete Genie completed, a fun indie title with a unique painting gameplay to summon genies to help you solve puzzles and draw what they desire.

Next is The Last of Us 2.


iOS/Switch Update

Apart from the PS4 I play my iPad quite a lot, in fact, more than my Switch.
I have updated my Play & Completion section with recent iOS titles.

With iOS the majority of games are never-ending you just keep on playing because there is always new updates, more levels or new events. Games that I have stopped playing I will add to my completion list for example like Clash Royale or State of Survival where I have played in excess of 50 hours plus on each!

So what am I playing currently?
Poker Showdown is my current favourite it is a western style rpg where you use poker hands to do battle reminds me a lot of the great Sword & Poker games.

Motorsport Manager Online, Township, Boom Beach, Score Hero, 8 Ball Pool & Mini Metro are my quick five minute fix games that I tend to play most days.

On the Switch I have been enjoying a fair bit of Mario Tennis & Ring Fit Adventure.


The Outer Worlds (PS4) - Completed

Feels like a fallout game but so much better with the different planets you can visit & the many characters in the game. Each quest has a good story to follow and always ensures you meet some surprises along the way. There are six companions in the game but you will quickly find the two you like for me that was Parvati & Ellie.

It has a fallout style opening in which you wake up from a hibernation chamber & begin a quest for Doctor Welles. The main questline could have been slightly longer but leaves it with an ending that is sure to have a sequel. There are many side quests, tasks & companion quests to complete.

Here's hoping that the sequel is not an xbox exclusive.

Next to play something a little shorter in Concrete Genie.


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (PS4) - Completed

A bit late on this post, I completed the game last month. It is a bit rough around the edges but it is easily the best Star Wars game I have played in years. Nothing is more fun than deflecting laser shots or slicing a stormtrooper with a light saber.

It has taken ideas from other action adventures games like Uncharted/Tomb Raider but it's Star Wars so that's ok.

Decent 7/10

Next The Outer Worlds


Death Stranding (PS4) - Completed

It took me a while but I finally delivered all my parcels to complete the game. Towards the end of the game, there are quite a few episodes of Death Stranding the TV series to enjoy but then this is Kojima and he does like his cutscenes.

The next game is Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.



Game of the Year 2019 is Spider-Man

Definitely less time for gaming this year but I still managed to complete 13 games (I did start DQ11 in  2019 but completed it this week).

Inside (PS4)
Burly Men at Sea (PS4)
Spider-Man (PS4)
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4)
Football Chairman (iOS)
Children of Zodiarcs (PS4)
What Remains of Edith Finch (PS4)
Bulletstorm Full Clip (PS4)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)
Mafia 3 (PS4)
Fifa 19 (PS4)
Dragon Quest Builders 2 ( PS4)
Days Gone (PS4)

I enjoyed playing AC Odyssey, Ubisoft finally seem to have the formula perfected, although I do with they would stick to a 2 or 3-year cycle for releases. Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes the formula from the first game & improves with better automation. I need to play more indie titles because they are much shorter but I did enjoy Edith Finch & Children of the Zodiarcs.

I have played family games on the switch with Mario Party & Kart but the majority of my gaming is done on the PS4 or iOS devices. Football Chairman kept me entertained again for a few months otherwise it has been the usual Township & Clash Royale.

I managed to complete a few PS+ titles in the forgetful Bulletstorm & Mafia 3 which I did enjoy playing. Shadow of the Tomb Raider I felt obliged to play only because I have completed the previous two games & a return to Fifa 19 after my 3-year break with Ultimate Team.

Spider-Man is my game of 2019, so much fun zipping around the city & combat is satisfying. I really enjoyed the boss battles & characters, I wish I had waited to buy the game of the year edition though to enjoy the DLC.

2020 then is the year of the new consoles, I expect to stick with Sony and get the PS5 on release especially if it is released with Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Batman Court of Owls or Cyberpunk 2020. There are quite a few releases which I will not play on the PS4 & wait for the inevitable re-release on PS5 like Final Fantasy 7 remake, Ghosts of Tsushima & Last of Us 2.

Having just completed Dragon Quest XI after 135 hours! I'm going to enjoy some indie titles in No Way Out & Steamworld Heist before moving onto the gaming shelf which includes Star Wars Fallen Jedi, The Outer Worlds & Death Stranding.