Skyrim Diary - Entry 18 - Giant & Mammoths vs Dragon

Dear Diary,

I could have taken the carriage from Whiterun to Solitude and walked down to Folgunthur but instead decided to get on my horse and enjoy the land of Skyrim. Along the way Esbern was telling us stories of his adventures with the Blades & sharing his knowledge of dragons.

When we entered the open plains of Morthal we could see a giant walking along with two mammoths then suddenly the roar of a dragon flying overhead. It flew past us breathing fire & landed on the ground. Lydia was firing off arrows, Esbern summoned an atronach & Delphine tapped me on the shoulder and said “Look”

The nearby giant and the two mammoths were attacking the dragon, the dragon knew it was outnumbered so shot up into the sky & flew around breathing fire at the giant & mammoth. It then landed close to us so Delphine & I charged in to finish it off. The soul of the dragon then lifted above and got adsorbed inside me. Esbern said “Amazing, so that is how the Dovakin takes the soul of a dragon” I replied “Yes, it felt a bit strange at first but by taking the souls of the dragons I am able to learn shouts that I find written in dungeons or caves”.

The giant and mammoths who had helped fight the dragon had now wandered off back on their journey & we continued on ours to Falgunthur.

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