Steam - Welcome back to PC gaming

I am not sure why? Maybe it was the purchase of a new widescreen TFT monitor? Maybe it was the discussion of Guild Wars 2? or Maybe it was some deep underlying urge to return to PC gaming?

Thanks mainly to the indie bundles which came with steam codes I downloaded the following games Trine, Aquaria, Beep, Frozen Synapse, Gish, King Arthur, Lugaru, Nikopol, Penumbra, Samorost 2, Shadowgrounds, Sideway, Spacechem, The Ball, Trauma, Wastland Angel, World of Goo & Xotic

I tested out Trine with the wired xbox 360 controller I had and after a few config settings worked perfectly fine. I think the above list & my wired 360 controller have now given me another machine to use for gaming.

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