Peggle Blast - Shredder

I've been stuck on level 60 for nearly 2 weeks now, it is a 5 stage boss level fight with no checkpoints in between the waves. If you fail to clear all the orange pegs or destroy the countdown bombs you need to either spend peggle points (in-app purchases) or start again from wave 1.

I've had no choice but to feed the game to the shredder.


Destiny - Prison of Elders

With Hakk & Gus we tackled the Prison of Elders. It is a wave based arena-horde mode with a boss fight on the last wave. There is a 'Duck Tales' style loot room at the end (I managed to die on my way to it) & I was rewarded with an Exotic & Legendary weapon but no Treasure Key.

You need a Treasure Key to open the big chest so it is probably not worth doing Prison of Elders unless you have a Treasure Key.


Assassin's Creed Unity - Completed

Ubisoft always use the same copy & paste formula with a map full of icons in the Assassin Creed & Far Cry games.

It's a formula that is beginning to tire & I ignored most of the icons to focus just on the main campaign. This time you are running around the Paris rooftops, the game has lost of all future sections from the previous game which is a shame.

There were obviously lots of issues with this game at launch, waiting six months meant the issues were all fixed & I experienced no problems during the game.

After completing the main campaign, I have started the Dead Kings DLC which was given away free by Ubisoft. I've also purchased Battlefield Hardline so will be playing that next.


Destiny - House of Wolves

The House of Wolves expansion has been released, it comes with story missions, a new strike, Prison of Elders new game mode, Trials of Osiris PvP event, lots of new currencies, weapons & armour.

In short I love it.

It uses some of the old locations but opens up new areas to explore & fight the fallen. New social space in the reef with new characters giving bounties & loot.

I've completed the main story & new strike mission. Upgraded my Suros, IceBreaker, Truth & Chest Armour to the max level & purchased a new legendary auto rifle in Pest Control Matrix.

I also have a treasure key waiting to open the loot found from completing the Prison of Elders.
Next time with Hakk & Gus.


Peggle Blast - Shooting Pegs again

I've been looking for something to play on the iPhone since completing Motorsport Manager & Xevious suggested Peggle Blast.

It's a free download with in-app purchases but I've not hit any paywalls yet. Some of the levels are tough & you will need a few attempts to get pass let alone three stars.

The screenshot to the left shows an amazing score I got on level 51, currently I'm on level 58 after being stuck on level 57 for quite a few days.

There is a health timer which controls how many times you can try a level but that does not bother me much I usually only get enough time for one attempt on a level.

Best of all is 'Ode to Joy' when completing a level.
Also thanks to Nick for the new logo on the blog.


UGVM Disc Drivin Season 5

I've sent out tweets & posted on UGVM to the players in season 4 to confirm participation.


There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded from 4 or 3 (if a 3 player league) for 1st downwards to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are Jump Cut, Roundabout, Two Cool & Canyon Flip.

Changes from last season to make it easier to start the leagues, the first player in the league will start all the tracks & invite the other players in league order below.

Deadline for leagues to finish is 29th May (3 weeks), I will check with the league starter once a week to ensure the races are progressing, any player not playing their turn for a number of days will be given a kick & if no response will be excluded from the tournament.

Platinum League
lufferov (10)
gospvg (9)
Jochta (10)
Becs (11)

Becs wins the league & gospvg is relegated.

- Two Cool (gospvg, jochta, lufferov & becs)
- Canyon Flip (lufferov, jochta, becs & gospvg)
- Jump Cut (becs, jochta, gospvg & lufferov)
- Roundabout (becs, lufferov, gospvg & jochta)

Gold League
Carldjcross (8)
HaggisHunter (15)
Hakk (6)
Xexyzx (11)

HaggisHunter wins the league & is promoted. Hakk is relegated.

- Two Cool (haggis, hakk, xexyzx & carl)
- Canyon Flip (haggis, xexyzx, carl & hakk)
- Roundabout (xexyzx, haggis, carl & hakk)
- Jump Cut (haggis, carl, xexyzx & hakk)

Silver League
SomethingWitty (10)
thermalsatsuma (6)
GusTavToo (8)

SomethingWitty wins the group & is promoted. Thermalsatsuma is relegated.

- Two Cool (satsuma, witty & gus)
- Roundabout (witty, gus & satsuma)
- Jump Cut (witty, gus & satsuma)
- Canyon Flip (gus, witty & satsuma)

Bronze League
Sessile (7)
monstermohsin (8)
asktoby (9)

- Two Cool (monster, toby & sessile)
- Jump Cut (monster, toby & sessile)
- Roundabout (sessile, toby & monster)
- Canyon Flip (toby, sessile & monster)

asktoby wins the league & is promoted.