Song Pop - Getting High in the 70s

Beating Luffers on the 70s category is nigh on impossible but somehow I managed to not only beat him but also set a new high score of 20,970 !!

Only 30 points away from 21K


Song Pop - So Close to 21K

Oh! so close to 21K, looking at the time take to guess I think all of the 5 guesses need to be under 1.5 seconds to get pass the 21,000 mark.

The temptation to listen to some of the songs like the Hawaii Five-O tune nearly made me forget to select an answer.


Song Pop - Let's Get Physical

A new high score of 20,503 but could have been much higher if I had guess Let's Get Physical a lot earlier than 2.8 seconds


Draw Something - Alien

A lot of players seem to have given up on Draw something & moved onto the next turn based game most likely song pop, until Zynga buy that :)

Anyhow I'm still playing with the few that are my attempt at an Alien

Also apologies a lot of my recent posts are all on the iOS platform. I've not had a chance really to turn the 360 back on & carry on with Dead Money mainly because of the Euro Football tournament but that should be finished soon.


Song Pop - I suck at Metal

Lots of electric guitars & shouting. How can you tell one song from the next?

Anyhow obviously I suck at Metal

Tiny Tower - Ghost

ZX48K Subs had a spooky visitor today not sure if the ghost puchased the 6, 9 or 12 inch sub?

Song Pop - 80's & New High Score 20K !!

Broke the 20K mark with 20,239 in the 80's category. Luckily all of them apart from Jump I knew so that helped.

I don't think I will beat this score unless I get every guess under 2.0 seconds which is very difficult.


Tiny Tower - Spaceman

A new resident has moved into UGVM tower. Welcome to C Knight an Astronaut.

Song Pop - The 70's

James is very good at the 70's collection but thanks to a lucky guess with Fool by Elvis Presley I managed to beat him & set a new high score of 19,857.


New Game - Trivie

Another new turn based iOS game. Trivie is a trivia quiz game where you have to answer questions in a selected category or like me just go random.

A few odd things like you use the coins collected to only change the category or unlock more avatars. Will see how this develops into something more meaningful.

Anyhow I managed to win my first game.

Song Pop - One Hit Wonders again !!

Even though I unlocked TV Theme Tunes, I seem to perform better in the One Hit Wonders category.  A new high score of 18810 against Fluffmyster.

The game could really do with a chat window.

Tiny Tower - Infini-Lift Lightspeed

How much ??!!

I best get saving those green slips to get the Infini-Lift Lightspeed

I've also now reached 50 floors so time to look at those dream jobs & try and get all the shops having 3 'dream job' staff.

Song Pop - Surely its a Draw?!

This should have been a draw?

CBoy guessed two songs quicker than me but I guessed the other two & the last song I guessed 2 seconds quicker?

But CBoy got the win.


Song Pop - One Hit Wonders

Lots of different categories in Song Pop but I managed to set a new high score of 17996 & more importantly beat LBMD.


Tiny Tower - Queens Guard

The Queen sent one of her guards to gospvg games today. Sorry but I had to sign a confidentially agreement so can't say what was purchased, lets just say it involved a certain plumber & a portable machine.


New Game - Song Pop

Song Pop is another turn based iOS game in which you have to guess the songs from the 5 second samples played.

Similar to Draw Something you are rewarded with coins for winning against your opponent & these coin can be used to purchase other song categories.

I quickly saved up 399 coins to purchase the TV themes tune pack.

You get awarded points on how quickly you answer the songs & by getting a chain of 5 correct songs.

Tiny Tower - Missions

A nasty bug hit UGVM tower but luckily cold medicine was purchased from Jochta's Chemist & a supply of soup & sandwich from Hakk's Diner to treat all the residents.


Tiny Tower - Cat at the Chemist

Jochta had a cat visit his chemist today, not sure what was purchased Cold Medicine, Flu Shot or RX Refil?


Fallout New Vegas Dead Money - Dean Domino & Christine

Walking around the villa you find suitcases full of ammo & stimpacks. These belong to Dean Domino who uses them when he is short on supplies. I managed to find Dean in the residential district but he wanted me to help him get the treasure of the casino instead of Elijah.

Not sure what this treasure is that everyone wants to get but having Dean with me means I can walk into the poisonous cloud for short periods without any damage to health.

Having recruited Dean I then went looking for Christine in the medical district. Just like the main game you can only have one follower so I sent Dog/God back to the fountain and went with Dean.

Dean has a weapon so the ghost people I encountered were easily dealt with. The medical district also had some speakers which I had to destroy on the way to the clinic. The clinic has a hologram guard who you cannot destroy but by using stealth I was able to make it to the emitter on the wall & deactivate it to turn the guard off. I found Christine in one of the auto-docs on the second floor, she has no vocal chords so conversation was difficult.

Anyhow with the last member of the team recruited it was time to return to the fountain to talk to Elijah & break into the Sierra Madre

Tiny Tower - UGVM tower

I give you UGVM Tower, unfortunately you cannot get one image of the whole tower so I had to use the Windows 7 snipping tool to take images.

I have still have many UGVM peeps to add to the tower so do not be upset if you do not have a business or a dwelling in he tower yet. If you have any preference for a business type then let me know example when I have built a theatre then Luffers will vacate the cinema to take over this business.

The link below should take you to the tower.


Tiny Tower - One more smoke?

Back in July last year I gave this game a lot of stick & a friend who is still playing the game suggested I go back to it & try again.

So what's changed since July last year.

You can now customise your floor names, missions to complete to gain extra bux's, share your tower on the internet (http://towers.nimblebit.com/) - currently unavailable & stars next to floors show you if you have any bitizens in their dream job.

Upgrade floors - you can upgrade a floor to increase the amount of stock held but this cost bux's, I'm not sure how much of percentage stock upgrade this increases?

What is surprising when I reinstalled the game was that it had my old save file from last July so I carried on building from floor 35. Currently on floor 39 - will show my tower when the sharetower feature is back on-line.

So who else is still playing this digital crack. One more smoke?


Fallout New Vegas - Dead Money

It's good to back in a fallout game, Dead Money is the first dlc for Fallout New Vegas and takes place in an abandon casino the Sierra Madre.

You start the game getting kidnapped & are taken to the villa outside of the casino where Father Elijah wants you to gather a team & break into the casino.

All of the weapons & items you were carrying are taken from you and you have to start from scratch searching every corner & house for any weapons or healing items you can find.

Dog or God (a split personality super mutant) was the first person I recruited. He was locked up in the police station cell, you have to be careful because when you were kidnapped Elijah fitted you with a bomb collar which if you go near any speakers will explode. Your collar emits a beep when you are close to a speaker so best to search & destroy it before you carry on wondering.

Having Dog/God with me made combat much easier against the ghost people because he charges in & uses his fists to rip them apart. It also means I have some extra carrying capacity because you don't have any house or safe location where items can be stored.

I'm now off to look for the next person Dean Domino.


Costume Quest - Grubbins on Ice - Completed

Thankfully you can play the DLC without the main game save file. I completed Costume Quest in May last year so deleted the save files.

Grubbins on Ice story continues from the end of the main game & takes you to Repugia. It plays exactly the same but gives you some extra costumes to try including Pirate & Yeti.

The end of the game leaves you in the middle of space with various portals, unfortunately no news yet on if Double Fine are working on a sequel or extra DLC content (highly unlikely because it is an old game now).

Anyhow an enjoyable few hours & if you like the main game it's more of the same joyous fun.


Draw Something - 100

A lot of players seem to have given up with the game but with Becky we managed to get to turn 100.

Draw Something - Avatar

Another amazing drawing from Hakk.

Draw Something - Buzz Lightyear

To infinity & BEYOND !!

Draw Something - Shrek

Time for a few more drawings first I give you Shrek

Sonic the Hedgehog Wallet

My trusty Animal wallet has died so deciding on a new wallet to purchase I enlisted the help of UGVM. After giving me many options I decided on purchasing a Sonic the Hedgehog wallet.


New Logo - Fallout New Vegas

New Logo - Back to the Mojave

Old Logo - Still waiting for adventure
Fallout New Vegas has shipped, hopefully it will turn up tomorrow ready for me to enjoy the DLC Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues & Lonesome Road.

With Uncharted completed time for the logo to be changed once again.

Uncharted - Completed

The game has a great soundtrack, amazing voice acting & dialogue. The storyline is your a treasure hunter with a twist at the end. The action sequences are your usual duck & cover affairs & the few puzzles in the game are far too easy to solve.

The button sequences I have already complained about a few days ago but I must mention again mainly because the game decides to end on a button sequence fist fight.

This game has been given many superlatives "Hollywood style blockbuster" but just like a Michael Bay movie I came away thinking "Hmm, shame it could have been so much better"

Anyhow on the positive I finally completed a game on the Playstation 3 & it it not all bad because I will be back for Uncharted 2 because after all Adventure Awaits ...


Uncharted - Rage Quit

There is section in the game where you have to turn on a generator whilst killing descendants (zombie like creatures). After you turn the generator on you have to flick two switches either side of the room.

I had not saved for a while so thought I would save after flicking on the 2nd switch. When going out into the main generator room I was overpowered by the creatures & died. Annoyingly you can't melee the creatures.

The game sent me back to the start where I have to turn the generator on, I thought forget that I will reload my save just after the 2nd switch but no when I loaded that it also sent me back to the generator.

I then switched the game off in disgust. (RAGE QUIT)

Adventure awaits (PAH!)


Uncharted - Button Presses, Gunfights & Getting Lost

There are some frustrating game play elements so far, firstly let's start off with the button press sequences. Why? I hate button press sequences I want to control the character & press the normal jump, dodge or attack buttons, I don't what a scripted sequence where I have to press X, O, X.

Secondly we come to the gunfight sections that only trigger when you are at a certain area. I had an annoying section where the enemies would only trigger when I was on the last step on a set of stairs. Why were the enemies not seen when I was at the top of the stairs? Where I could take cover & kill some of them before moving down the stairs

Lastly getting lost at certain locations & knowing which way to go, these usually come after the gunfight sequences. You then find yourself wondering around jumping & trying to grab ledges or jump onto platforms only to fail & fall to your death. Why? Because not all ledges & platforms in the game can be interacted with !! There is only one set path & after trial and error you will eventually find Drake jumping a larger gap than you thought possible where previously you would have died trying to jump a smaller gap.

The game was released in 2007 but why should that be an excuse for some obvious failings I can see in the game play? Much older games have not had these issues (Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider & of course also released in 2007 Assassin Creed)

Putting my frustrations to one side I am still enjoying the voice acting & storyline. Adventure awaits (albeit slightly frustrating)


Assassins Creed Revelations - Completed

Wow !! I enjoyed that (apart from the Desmond sequences). I have really enjoyed playing these games & to think that I passed on the first game when released.

AC Revelations is the culmination of Ezio's storyline which started with AC2 but it also gives you flashbacks to play with Altair.

Ubisoft felt they needed to introduce something new to the game with bombs, zip line hook & a tower defence game. Some of these play well in the game but others I don't see the point.

The reason I play the AC games is for the storyline & running around rooftops assassinating soldiers. I did not play this game on release due mainly to Skyrim (which I have still to complete) but I don't think there is anything else coming out this year that will stop me playing AC3 on release. If you have not played this series of games I highly recommend you do they are approx only around 20 to 25 hours each game on the main quest-line.

Looking forward to fighting during the American Revolution


Uncharted - New Game

Wow !! how beautiful is this game?

The game takes you down a set path & you can't deviate from it to explore the area unlike many action adventure games. It has some nice action set pieces but some of these are just button press sequences.

Where you do have some control is how you decide to take on the enemies by either using weapons or melee attacks. There is a variety of weapons from AK47 to Shotguns & a plentiful supply of ammo either left by the enemies you have killed or on various crates throughout the game.

There are also some puzzle sequences through out the game but so far none that are complicated. The voice acting is very impressive & the story keeps you engrossed & moves along at a nice pace. I can't help but think of Lara Croft when playing this game & look forward to seeing how the reboot of Tomb Raider plays next year. Anyhow back to Uncharted & adventure awaits

New Logo - Uncharted

New Logo - Adventure awaits
Time for a new logo, I've had the PS3 since October 2010 & have not yet completed a single game. There was the summer of 2011 playing Final Fantasy 13 but that was left unfinished & brief sessions with Gran Turismo 5. I tried with the Back to the Future games but got very frustrated with the gameplay. (Point & Click adventures are not for me)
Old Logo - Too many crashes

I've had PSN+ since January & have yet to play any of the downloaded games, it's just another digital hoarding list.

Anyhow I decided to turn to one of the gems on the PS3 in the hope I can finally complete a game. Adventure awaits ....


Carcassonne SUPER League - Season 1 Sign Up

Time for the first season of the Carcassonne SUPER League.

Nice & simple setup, 3 players in a league, you play 3 games (2 x 1 vs 1 matches & 1 group match) Top player gets promoted & the bottom relegated?

No expansion packs just the base game

Players signed up

Gloomy Andy