New Game - Assassins Creed 3

The problem with this time of year is that far too many games get released that I want to play.

Borderlands 2, Fifa13, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Halo 4 & of course Assassins Creed 3.

There are of course many other games released (Dishonoured & X-Com are on my radar) but my approach of buying a game to play now & not later will make me wait for those (Yes, I know Guild Wars 2).

Not to forget the games in limbo, hello Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas DLC & Uncharted 2.

Anyway back to my current dilemma, after a couple of weeks of Borderlands 2 overload this game has now fallen into the regular Monday PMG thus I am playing the story with the Claptrap Boys.

FIFA 13 after a few weeks of ultimate team will now fall into the regular quick fix gaming slot.

Conveniently this leaves a slot open for another game, yes like the three I have in limbo. So step forward Assassins Creed 3 & the playground of colonial America awaits.

The culmination of Desmond's story & the impending destruction of the world is more than enough to enjoy but with AC3 we also get the chance to play with a new character in Connor.

I have only played the first few hours of the game which has you controlling Haytham Kenway (Connor's father).

A British assassin who arrives in America with a key to what? A temple? Lair? Chest? I don't know yet but so far I am enjoying the story telling & gameplay.

With the 21st December approaching fast I don't think I'll be playing anything else much.

Note - with the possible exception of Halo 4 Spartan Ops.


Fifa 13 - Gerrard

Ultimate Team is no different to any other time sink game. The lure of buying & selling players, playing matches & winning trophies. All in the pursuit of having enough coins to purchase Steven Gerrard of course !!

Taking the words from my kids mouth "You are stingy!!"

That is true when I got to 20k, I could have spent the money on improving my silver team or laying the foundations for the gold team but no I continued to play matches & dabble in the players market for bargains to buy.

Those bargains I would then sell at a higher price to increase my wealth. 30k came around very quickly & then 40k. I could easily have purchase a 442 Gerrard & still have 20k left in change.

After many more frustrating screams from the boys I decided to at least look. Playing a 442 system I wanted a CM Gerrard which was difficult with the majority CAM listed. The two 442 CMs that were listed, the asking price of 26K & 28K was too much for me to splash out.

Having played nearly 90 matches & only EA knows how many cards I have sold on the trade pile to accumulate my cash. I don't want to spend it on one player with 70+ pace.

I was happy to buy Beckham, Allen, Borini, Carroll etc for my gold squad because they only cost me around 500 coins each but 25K+ !! for one player?!

The other option was to purchase a cheap CAM & then buy a player change card CAM > CM but these were costing around 3K if you could find them !!

One of my big annoyances with ultimate team is the search engine when looking for managers, formations cards or player cards you can't drill down the search to a specific type which results in either spending a lot of time searching for an auction or going silly money on a buy it now. Usually after a few minutes of searching I would give up.

Anyhow gripe over back to Gerrard a cheap CAM was out of the question thanks to the over inflated prices for player change cards.

I had purchased some 442 formation cards a few days earlier approx 1K each although I did get one for a bargain 200 coins.

I amended the search and found a 14K 541 CM Gerrard on a buy it now.

BUY !! Shouted the boys so I obliged.

To cut a long story short (yes I know this post is long enough already)

I changed the formation to 442, applied gold contracts upto 98, played a couple of matches with Gerrard in my silver squad.

Then the del boy trotter came out in me & I listed him for 30K (he has not yet sold)