April 2024 Update - The weather today is "Cloudy"


Playing NOW

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (PS5)

So much more content to this game compared to Remake, lots of side activities including an addictive card combat game "Queens Blood" and suttle changes to combat with co-op abilities.

Taking it open-world lets you explore more of the areas either on foot or on a chocobo. It uses the "Ubisoft" Tower formula to scan the area for activities which range from combat missions to excavation & lifestreams which unlock the area lore. 

You have a nice recap at the beginning to remind you of what happened in the first game before the story begins & it moves along at a rapid pace. I'm 30 hours in at the moment and have just completed Costa Del Sol.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 (PS5)

The new season "Myths & Mortals" brings along quite a few changes with thuderbolt strikes & wings that let you soar into the sky and then crash down on an enemy.

The Season Pass has a Greek Mythology theme & includes Cerberus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Zeus & Hades skins. The Mid-Season skin is Korra from Avatar The Last Airbender.



I've mainly playing on solo this season because Nemo has not purchased the battle pass, I guess she wants to take a break from the game. Hopefully I can tempt her back for the odd session.

My Fortnite Playlist below including some Victory Royales, Boss Fights & the new Thunderbolt & Wings gameplay.


The Floor is Lava also made it's return, just a shame you can only play it with a squad of four players. I've being mostly playing solo with no fill & still managed to get in the top 10 on quite a few occasions.

I've not gone back to play the Lego Fortnite mode and waiting for the season reset for Rocket Racing.

Playing Complete

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

I enjoyed the new Lego Fortnite & Rocket Racing modes but the Solid Snake Skin was the highlight for me this season.

Like A Dragon - Infinite Wealth

This game should come with a warning that it will eat into your life, truly a massive game that I sunked many hours into enjoying. The Sujimon & Dondoko Island mini games were both very addictive and just shows the work RGG Studio have put into ensuring the game offers new experiences for Yakuza fans.

The main plot does not disappoint with Kiryu & Ichiban teaming up together to explore Japan & Hawaii. I won't spoil the story but just to say I really enjoyed the Kiryu memories storyline.

Already a contender for Game of the Year.

Playing Next

Truthfully I'm not sure maybe Spiderman 2 but I've also not played the Xbox in a while so maybe something on gamepass?

Playing Backlog

Lost Judgement
Outer Wilds
Shadow Tactics
Like A Dragon Ishin
Sea of Stars

Playing Future
Quite a bit on my list but I'm not planning on purchasing any more games at the moment & just enjoying what I already own.
Midnight Suns has been added to PS+ so I will certainly give it a try.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor was on sale recently but I avoided purchasing because I expect it will come to GamePass soon.
Starfield - I should at least give it a try, it is the reason I purchased the Series X console after all!
Star Wars Outlaws - I know, I know it is a Ubisoft game & I'm sure will have lots of copy/paste features from other titles but it's Star Wars!
Metal Gear Solid Delta - Not sure it will be released this year
Death Stranding 2 - I'm expecting more Kojima-ness, I enjoyed the first game even if I was a bit confused by the plot!
Balatro - Poker Themed Roguelike
Banishers Ghosts of New Eden - The latest game from Don't Nod where you play as a ghost hunter.
Pacific Drive - I'm curious but will wait for a PS+ or Gamepass release
Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes - Spirtual succesor to Suikoden
Sandland - Akira Toriyama Open world vehicle combat RPG
Rise of Ronin
Open Roads
Dave the Diver
The Plucky Squire
Baldurs Gate 3
Cyberpunk 2077
Shadow Gambit Cursed Crew