Forza Horizon - Completed

Cutting back on watching TV shows & restricting movies to only once a week has given me more time to play games which is good because I am enjoying my gaming at the moment. Forza Horizon has been really good fun, I have completed all the ribbon events & beaten Darius Flynt with my Nissan R32. I did think about taking the Bugati but the R32 has won me so many races it was only fair that I chose this car. A very long last race taking you all around the map & through the traffic across different terrains. In the end I beat Darius quite comfortably thanks to the R32 top speed & acceleration.

Having received 7,000,000 credits from winning the race, I then went car shopping & purchased some more cars including the Mclaren F1 & Koenigsegg. I'll be keeping the game for a while to enjoy the UGVM multi-player sessions.

Now to decide what to play next I think I will go play my new toy the Vita & thanks to PS+ I have Uncharted Golden Abyss to enjoy. Last minute change of heart & I have started to play Red Dead Redemption instead.


Forza Horizon - Bugati Veyron

2.2 millions credits needed to purchase but wow what a car!! Lightning fast & great fun to drive.

Currently I have the golden wrist band & am working my way up to race Darius Flynt.

I have not put in this many hours into t a racing game since the original Gran Turismo.

Just like Gran Turismo I have a couple of cars that I purchased straight away & these tend to be my default cars for most races.

Subaru Imprezza  - great for all those off road events.

Nissan GTR - fully maxed up to R3 & 10 on all stats.

I have quite a few other cars in my garage but one more to show you is the UGVM mobile, the Ford Focus RS500


Walking Dead - Completed

I have never completed a point & click (join the dots) game, started a few over the years but always got bored with the gameplay element or the story has not been interesting enough to keep me interested.

Walking Dead had an advantage in its favour because I do enjoy watching the tv series & the game did not disappoint. You play as Lee and are on your way to jail when the zombie outbreaks starts. After running into a house to get away from some zombies you bump into Clementine & then begins your story. I don't want to spoil the game any further but just like in life your choices matter.

Looking forward to 400days the filler between season 1 & the next season of the game.

After Lego City, Journey & now Walking Dead, all three very impressive games offering new or improved experiences.

Now it’s time to drive with Forza Horizon.


Score! - Man of the Moment

Witty mentioned that Score! now has a multi-player mode, my best goal so far came in at 98.3%

Now I just need to be good enough to beat Witty.


Clash of Clans - Completed

Yes it's another time waiting build your village game. The slight twist is that you can build an army & go and attack other villages. Be warn however that other players can also attack your village.

By building a clan building you can have some defensive forces given to you by friends.

After playing it for a couple of months & getting my player up to level 40it was time to call it quits & move on.


Journey - Companions

I'm not sure how the list above is ordered but assuming it is in terms of encounters in the game then I would like to thank GT-R_RamblinMan for the help in the last two levels.

It was an amazing game experience & one that I will happily revisit again sometime soon.


Journey - Completed

Whatever I write about this game will not do it justice so I give you a screenshot of my twitter reaction after completing the game.

It was truly a great weekend of gaming completing Lego City & then Journey.

Lego City Undercover - Completed

Lego City Undercover is oozing fun by the bucket load, whether you are driving around the city, fighting bad guys, smashing lego buildings or collecting bricks. The memorable characters from Chase, Rex, Natalia & of course Honey. The script will have you laughing all the way through whilst you explore the vast map to complete various missions & drive any number of vehicles.

It has for me, been a great introduction to the Wii U as a new gaming console & goes into my Top32.


Guitar Hero - Streak

I finally managed to get a 100+ streak, still playing on easy difficulty the next target is to get 100% on the notes.

But my daughter is very good at the game & has ramped up the difficulty to medium/hard already with an amazing 212 streak !!


Guitar Hero - Rock ON !!

The Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games & thus I have spent approx £100 purchasing 35 wii games. One of the purchases came with Guitar Hero World Tour & the guitar.

I have never played any of the music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. My first experience was at last years UGVM meet & I was really bad.

A chance to try again & after a few attempts on easy mode we were hitting 90%+ accuracy.

Linkin Park - What I've Done or Michael Jackson - Beat It seem to be the songs of choice, with Mohnster having the highest score on Linkin Park at the moment with 38K.

The next step now is to try and source a second guitar & the drum set along with a few of the other guitar hero games to enjoy.

Quite a few years late but the music genre has reached the Khan household, ROCK ON !!


UGVM Disc Drivin Season 4 - Results

Long overdue then for Season 4.

There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) of 4 players each with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded 4 points for 1st down to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are Jump Start, Prepare to Qualify, Beachcomber & Under a Big W.

The first player in the league will start the first track Jump Start & invite player 2, 3 & 4 in order.

Then Player 2 will start the next race on Prepare to Qualify & invite player 3, 4 & then 1.

Player 3 will start Beachcomber & invite Player 4, 1 & 2 in that order.

Lastly Player 4 will start Under a Big W & invite in order Player 1, 2 & 3.

Player 1 will wait to play his turn until all 4 races have started & are awaiting his/her turn to play. This will ensure when you come to play your turn you will have all 4 races waiting for you to play.

I made a mistake on moving fluffmyster up from the Gold to Platinum League when in fact it should have been Becs, sorry 2 will go down from Platinum this season one of which will be fluffmyster & two come up from Gold one of which will be Becs

Any questions please ask me before starting your race

Platinum League

Jump Start (L,F,G & J)
Prepare to Qualify (L,G,J & F)
Beachcomber (J, L, G & F)

Under a Big W (G, F, L & J)

Lufferov 13 Points
gospvg 11 Points
Jochta 8 Points
Fluffmyster 8 Points

Luffers wins the group & Jochta/Fluffmyster get relegated

Gold League

Jump Start
Prepare to Qualify
Under a Big W

Silver League

Jump Start (S, T, H & G)
Prepare to Qualify (H, G, S & T)
Beachcomber (H, G, S & T)
Under a Big W (H, T, S & G)

HaggisHunter 14 Points
SomethingWitty 10 Points
thermalsatsuma 8 Points
GusTavToo 8 Points

HaggisHunter wins the group & a relegation match will be played against Gus vs Satsuma on the Bump in the Road track with Gus to start the race & invite Satsuma.

Bronze League

Jump Start (A, M, S & H)
Prepare to Qualify (H, A, S & M)
Beachcomber (H, A, M & S)
Under a Big W (A, S, H & M)

actionabbas 14 Points
HarpingOn 11 Points
Sessile 8 Points
monstermohsin 7 Points

Abbas gets promoted to Silver
Ready, Set & Go !!!!