Fallout Shelter - Level 50

Still playing but only really spending five minutes in the morning & evening checking in to see how my wasteland wanderers are doing & if I need to recall them back to the vault. I managed to hit the level cap of 50 with Dr. Li so she is now just looking after the vault door ensuring it is regularly serviced & keeping the raiders away.


New Game - Rocket League

Football & rocket cars, an odd mix that just seems to work. Cooltag was happy to spend an hour taking me through the basics. I've been enjoying using twitch lately to capture my gaming, it is better than the PS4 share feature because you can capture a longer video.

Some highlights from my first Rocket League session, below my first goal.

and a match vs cooltag which he won with a brilliant save in the dying seconds.

Hopefully the claptrap boys will be online today so we can enjoy some 2 v 2 & 4 v 4 games.


PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft - Episode 1

I know what type of game Minecraft is but I've not played it, so my daughter wanted me to play the game with her & capture the gameplay. So PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft (Episode 1)

After watching back the episode, I don't think Sam's audio settings was set up correctly because the chat audio was very low so will check those for the next video, Sam obviously talks a lot & very fast so I need to get her to talk more slowly. Also no talking of Stampy (Sam loves watching his minecraft videos but I'm not a fan, although he has encouraged her to get into creating Minecraft videos & I'm happy to help).

We've enjoyed building a house & I've experienced using various equipments like the furnace, chest & workbench. I've also learnt the basic controls, how to mine & place blocks to build. Sam already has lots of ideas for the next episode.

Love Sam's closing line "Daddy can I play Xbox"

Journey (PS4) - Completed

Re-released on the PS4 & thanks to cross-buy I got to play it again yesterday on the PS4 for free. Such a good game, I especially love the music.


Fallout Shelter - Nuka Cola Factory

Finally made it to 100 dwellers & built a Nuka Cola Factory, annoyingly you need high endurance to work in the factory so I have sent off four dwellers to the training room & only have two working in the factory at the moment. Not much else to do now except upgrade the existing rooms & increase the number of dwellers in the vault, game could really do with an update.


New Game - Alphabear

Another create a word with letters game, this time using bears to boost your score. You can unlock new bears by beating the targets set for each stage.

The game is split into chapters (I'm currently on chapter 2), annoyingly you cannot go back to previous chapters I think I missed some stages on the first chapter.

Each chapter has a boss stage when beaten advances you to the next chapter.

I've currently got 9 bears out of 67, you have the obvious timer cooldowns like most free to play games but so far it's fine for quick five minute bursts.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Explosive Barrel

Explosive Barrels & Fire Magic do not mix.


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Twitch Test

Playing some Witcher 3 so I could test Twitch exporting of the gameplay to youtube, it takes a while for the exported video to be scaled up to 720p quality, will look at the PS4 settings to see if I can stream at 1080p.


Fallout Shelter - Preston Garvey

I managed to get Preson Garvey from a lunchbox, just look at those stats, I've stuck him in the training room for now to improve his luck. Currently up to 84 dwellers & at least 10 wandering the wasteland collecting loots & caps.


Fifa - Scissor Kick Goal

Highlighting a video that my son has uploaded to his youtube challenge of an amzing goal he scored at the weekend whilst playing Fifa.

I've not played a Fifa game since 13, we are on a 2 yearly Fifa cycle so I will be buying Fifa 16 on release. Most likely I will get hooked again into playing the ultimate team mode.


Fallout Shelter - Wasteland

Exploring the wasteland is the best way to gain new weapons & armour, I usually send dwellers out in the morning armed with 10 stimpacks & 5 radaways. Monitoring their progress during the day a few times & then usually before bed if they are down to a few stimpacks I recall them back to the vault.

Currently I'm on 62 dwellers now & I have 4 dwellers constantly wandering the wasteland for loot.
I've unlocked all the training rooms & just saving the caps to start building a nuclear reactor.


The Witcher 3 - Sidequests

Sidequests can be either very short & quick or a long string of objectives you have to tick before they are completed.

The Fists of Fury sidequest above has you wondering around Velen taking on opponents in a fist fight to become the champion , I've not yet completed the quest.

They are also a good way to explore areas you would not normally visit to find other hidden quests or rare loot.


The Witcher 3 - Contracts

I've been lucky to spend a fair bit of time over the weekend enjoying The Witcher 3, I've managed to craft some Griffin swords & sell quite a lot of loot that I am now carrying around 10K in gold.

Sidequests & Contracts have been my main focus. Contracts are given to you by village noticeboards & usually involve you doing some investigative work before killing a monster.

The example below is The Merry Widow contract.

The various contracts you collect given you an expected level your character should be, anything coloured green is usually safe enough for you to give it an attempt.

When completing the contract you are normally rewarded with loot & gold from the person who issued the contract.


The Witcher 3 - Monsters

After finishing off the quests & finding all the secrets in White Orchard I completed the main quest to arrive at a new location in Velen. The map is huge !!

I've decided to stick with the main quest for a while & have encountered some new monsters in a Gargoyle & Golem.

I need to look into crafting some better swords & armour instead of sticking with buying from shops. I'm also a bit unsure on what loot to keep, dismantle or sell.

If it was not for Fallout 4 & MGS V then The Witcher 3 would easily be my game of the year.