Metal Gear Solid V - Sahelanthropus - Completed

Yes I'm still playing Metal Gear Solid V, the difficulty has increased in the last few missions which have resulted in quite a few failed attempts & the inevitable Snake, SnakE, SNAKE !!

I was especially frustrated with Mission 31 where twice I managed to get very close to killing Sahelanthropus only to die by an explosion or rocket. Mohsin wanted to have a turn & managed to complete the mission. With the ending FMV & roll of credits I expected the game to be completed but apparently not.

I'm probably done with the game for now so for me I am marking it as complete. Back to Game of Thrones & Episode 2.


Lara Croft Temple of Osiris - Completed

Our first PS4 PMG completed, the last boss fight was much easier than I thought. No idea about the plot Egyptian gods fighting against each other or something but it was an decent twin stick shooter with a few puzzles.

Twin stick shooters unfortunately seem to be the norm for most 4 player games, there really should be more choice by now.

We still have Gauntlet & Helldivers to play but next on the play list is the daddy of them all Diablo 3.

Capitals - Rolling Thunder

Finally managed to get the rolling thunder achievement in Capitals by winning eight games on the trot.

Current game stats are 291 games played with 173 wins at 59% win ratio.

Longest word is Sectionally.



Lifeline (iOS) - Completed

Lifeline is the mobile equivalent of the choose your own adventure books I read as a kid.

Cadet Taylor ship has crashed on a moon & he needs your help to survive & ultimately escape from the moon.

I can't go into too much detail without spoiling the story but it had me hooked for a few days & I've gone straight onto play the next game in the series Lifeline Silent Night.