Skyrim Diary - Entry 15 - Esbern

Dear Diary,

(Note - I decided to take a break from skyrim for a few weeks thus the lack of updates)

I explained to Delphine the information I had found at the Embassy. She said that Esbern is a blade & I should go to speak to Brynjolf in Riften he may have some information on his location.

Brynjolf is the head of the thieves guild in Riften and after some persuading told me to go look in the ratway warrens. Making my way though the warrens I cam across a few thugs & some Thalmor warriors.

Esbern was very suspicious and took some convincing that Delphine had sent me to look for him & agreed to accompany me back to Riverwood. When we left his room we were met by more agents and Esbern decided to help fight them off, he is very good mage & casts destruction magic. Arriving back at Riverwood Delphine was very happy to see Esbern, he explained that he has been keeping a low profile but has been following the return of the dragons.

Esbern went on to say that the dragons return was prophesied on Aludin's Wall in the Sky Haven Temple and we should go there to find more information, I explained that throughout my travels I had accumulated various quests & needed to complete those first. They both agreed that they would accompany me, with Lydia also by my side I now had my own little army.

Time to return home to Whiterun & read a book, Lost Legends I think?

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