Spider-Man Miles Morales (PS5) - Completed Review

The showcase for the PS5 release does not disappoint, it is an action-packed adventure with lots and lots of web slinging fun. The main caompaign is much shorter at just over 3 hours but there is enough side content in the game to keep you busy zipping around the map completing side quests, clearing out hideouts, collecting various items from postcards to sound samples.

Playing as Miles, you get to enjoy using his bio-electric powers to hulk-smash and dash around pulverising enemies. There is a large skill tree to unlock which will give you new moves but be warned to complete it you will need to play new game+ and level up enough to gain skill points. You will also need to collect tokens to unlock gadgets and new suits. The best suit in the game however you do not get unitl you have completed the game and start new game + to play a new side quest. Even if you do not want to play the main campaign again make sure you start new game + to ulock this suit. Trust me it is Puurfect!

The story and characters in the game are very good, from Ganke your sidekick buddy, Uncle Aaron who has some hidden secrets and Phin your very close friend who is trying to find a solution to rid the city of Roxxon, a greed-hungry corporation who will stop at nothing to make money. There also some nice cameo's from Peter Parker and others throughout the game.

It had a hefty price tag on release but now can be picked up for around £25 second-hand and for that amount you will certainly enjoy the experience. Make sure you wait around after the credits to see a small scene which shows where the series is going next.