DLC Quest - Completed

Available form the Indie Store on Xbox Live Arcade for only 80 points, is a lovely satire game on dlc content.

It is a simple platform jump & collect game except you need to purchase dlc content to advance the game from the shopkeeper & ultimately rescue the princess from the bad guy

It will not take you long to complete the game but it will leave you in though pondering about the reasons behind dlc content in the game industry.

Like Toby said yesterday whilst playing Lost Planet 2 "I do not buy and dlc content out of prinicple"

I have certainly been the same with Fallout New Vegas and await the game of the year release to play the dlc content.

Anyhow back to the game DLC quest, where is that last sheep?


Borderlands - The Final Acheivement

I got the final achievement today for Borderlands by my character reaching level 61, I did not really do much in that I played a local co-op game with Monster's character who was a level 69 soldier & he had completed the 2nd play through so the enemies were all at level 69 or 70 & my poor low level soldier could do no meaningful damage.

So I just sat back and kept on shooting Monster to heal him & occasionally go charging in to revive him if needed, which would usually result in me needing to get healed.

The final stats on my soldier character read 8 days 10 hours & 42 minutes which in hours makes a staggering 202 hours !!

Easily one of my most enjoyable games on the 360 & one of the best UGVM PMG games.

Turtles in Time Re-Shelled - Completed

Time again for some local co-op but this time with my 9 year old Monster, We decided to take a look at the Xbox Live Arcade games that we have not completed that offer local co-op gameplay.

First up was Turtles in Time, a classic side scrolling 2d beat em up remixed on the classic game with new graphics. I went for Michael Angelo & Monster went for Leonardo. There is nothing new to expect in this game it is your typical old school gaming with various stages and end boss fights that do not provide that much of a challenge.

Purchased during a sale for 200 points it gave us 45 minutes of nostalgic fun, now onto the next XBLA local co-op game Assault Heroes next weekend.


Splinter Cell Conviction - Time to Hunt

After completing the co-op story back in October, it was time to return to some local co-op gaming with Abbas. Abbas was quite keen to ditch the other modes of Splinter Cell Conviction in favour of  starting Gears of War 3 but I was adamant I wanted to go back and complete the other modes & get every penny worth out of the game.

Deniable Ops includes 4 different modes you can play either local co-op or on-line we started with the Hunter mode which has you revisiting locations to take out a set number of enemies. You start each map with a limit of 10 enemies to kill but if you get detected this automatically raises the number to 20.

We completed the first two maps St Petersburg & Russian Embassy, the Hunter mode is quite easy to play although playing on realistic be careful you can only take a few shots before you will need reviving, another advantage of playing with Abbas because he can revive me & vice versa. Make sure you take out every enemy before you get to the end of the map otherwise you will need to go back and get that final kill like we did on the Russian Embassy level retracing our steps to get that last enemy. It's good to get back to some local co-op gaming.


Hanging With Friends - 4 Letter Words Challenge

A lot of players seem to have deserted Hanging with Friends, I currently only have 2 games being played. After a while the game can get a bit boring it does not have the staying power of games like Words with Friends or Carcassonne but I set myself a challenge by only playing 4 letter words & I managed to win against GuntherGloop

Next Challenge is to play only 8 letter words – this is going to be difficult because of the random letters you are given it might not always be possible.


Retro Consoles - Rose Tinted Specs

The walk down memory lane, how often do you make that journey? In this generation of Nintendo's, Xboxes, Playstations & iOS devices do they give you any spare time for you to visit the old consoles?

If you answer the question truthfully then it will always be no but yet I cannot bring myself to depart with these glorious pieces of electronics because they are a part of me, they are implanted into my dna, the history, memories, painful & joyful moments they have given me over the years.

It is only fair that I keep them to maybe on that one fleeting moment I decide to walk down memory lane again ......

Poker Pals - New High Score

Nearly broke into the 700 barrier but just 10 short at 690


Rage - Infinite Money - Comet Bloom

Next to Ghost Hideout you will see a purple flower called Comet Bloom this can be picked & then if you enter Ghost Hideout & leave it will re-spawn you can collect as many as you see fit. These can then be sold to any trader for $65 but the trick is that you can buy them back from the trader for $45 leaving you with $20 profit. I harvested 25 x Comet Blooms and use this glitch to make a nice $500 per transaction.

There is a limit of $9999 cash I understand but I usually just keep a few thousand dollars in my pocket in case I find any new weapons or schematics

Then time to go shopping for Ammo & Wingsticks

Alternatively you could play any of the mini games to make some cash but after a while they begin to bore me & I much rather have a fat wallet of cash & explore the wasteland to see what I can find.


'Meeple' Carcassonne Tournament - Round 2

Finally we make it onto round 2, I will first need to check with all the players below to ensure they are still willing to take part in the tournament.

Ok all confirmed, 2nd Round will be split into equal groups (depending on number of players) and there will be vs matches & a group match - the winners of these groups will go to the final

2 points for vs match win
3 points for group match win, 2 points for coming 2nd & 1 point for 3rd.

Table A
Group Match
Synozeer (9 points) - can you start off the group match & invite the other players please
phorce (2 points)
Bensm (1 point)

Individual matches
Make sure you all start an individual match against the other 3 players in your group.

Synozeer 89 vs Bensm 66
Synozeer 114 vs ph0rce 106
Synozeer 114 vs Altashheth 73
Group Match - Synozeer 100, phorce 74, bensm 70 & Altashheth 59
Synozeer has won all of his matches so he is into the final 

Table B
Group Match
Bushtopher (RLLMUK) (8 points) - can you start off the group match & invite the other players please
Lufferov (UGVM) (3 points)
Kerumba (RLLMUK) (2 Points)
VeganTnT (TA) (3 Points)

Individual matches
Make sure you all have an individual match against the other 3 players in your group.

Bushtopher 120 vs Lufferov104
Lufferov 84 vs VeganTnT 69
Bushtopher 112 vs VeganTnT 78
Kerumba 115 vs Lufferov 101
Group Match 82 VeganTnt, 51 Bushtopher, 48 Lufferov & 31 kerumba
Bushtopher 105 vs Kerumba 90

Currently Running
Kerumba vs VeganTnT - Result does not matter.

Because Bushtopher has made it into the Final

It does not matter who starts the game but you should end up with 4 games to play 1 group match & 3 single player vs match

If you can contact via PM on TA/RLLMUK or Twitter on the results please, good luck.


Poker Pals

After persuasion from Witty, Becky & Luffers, another online turn based game like Carcassonne, Disc Drivin & Words with Friends comes along in Poker Pals.

If you have played any of the Sword & Poker games then you will be at home with this game, you basically play poker hands against your opponent to score points obviously the better poker hands are worth more points. The four corners of the playing board give you a joker which can become any card you need to complete your hand.

There are a few features missing from this game at the moment like a chat window, the ability to log into your account from more than one device & a leaderboard that does not require you to register with the Crystal network.

You can download a free version which limits you to only three active games or pay the 69p and go for unlimited games.

I'm gospvg by the way so send me an invite.

Words with Friends - Draw

A draw, tie, dead heat, deadlock, even steven, photo finish, stalemate, standoff.


New Logo - Rage

New Logo - Back to the Wasteland
Time for a new logo, Batman Arkham City disappointed because I had such high expectations that were not met.

Time for a trip back to the Wasteland with Rage

Old Logo - Great Expectations


Rage - Wasteland Revisited

The days are getting shorter and winter will be arriving soon. Time for a visit to a post apocalyptic wasteland, if Fallout New Vegas game of the year edition had been released I would have chosen that but alas that will not be released till Feb 2012.

This only left me with Rage to fill the dark long nights. The game is your standard FPS shooter by the fathers of the genre ID. Visually the game is amazing & beautifully detailed.

Gameplay so far is your simple affair of accept a quest and travel the wasteland to one of the many locations to complete.

Combat offers you a slight variation with ammo types & boomerangs that can one kill the enemies.

Unlike the Fallout games you are given access to vehicles early on and you can upgrade these vehicles with weapons & turbo boosts.

After playing Fallout 3, Borderlands & New Vegas. Rage does not offer you anything new but what it does offer so far is a fine tuned excellent post apocalyptic experience.

Hopefully this will be the perfect winter game for me.


Fallout Nuka Break - The Series

Back in June I posted about the Fallout Nuka Break Fan Film. I f you have not watched it yet what are you waiting for !!

Anyhow the reason for this post is that the team behind that film have now released a series of 5 episodes follow this link to their website

Batman Arkham City - Great Expectations - Completed

Easily my most wanted title this year, I booked the day off work & not even a bout of man flu could stop me buying this game on release.

Starting the game you get thrown straight into the action with no in game tutorial reminding you of the buttons you need to press to perform certain actions. The storyline continues from the first game in that now a section of Gotham has been turned into a prison & it's up to you to figure out why & what is going on. Along the way you get your usual upgrades to gadgets & combos skills by levelling up. You can now glide all over Arkham City to swoop down on your enemies to take them out.

In my previous post I complained about the sheer number of these enemies which I felt at times was aggravating my RSI pain. The access to all the playing world from the beginning makes this game feel more like a GTA type affair unlike Arkham Asylum which played more like a Metroid or Castlevania game. Firstly let me say I did enjoy playing the game especially the storyline, voice acting & boss fights but I hated the large fight sequences with lots of enemies, the number of riddler trophies to collect nearing 400 !! & the side quests I completed the boss fights on them were way too easy. When you complete the game you can continue to complete the side quests or start new game plus which lets you play the game again on a harder setting.

I had great expectations for this game but I'm sorry to say they were not met, I don't quite understand the 9/10 & 10/10 reviews because to me at best this is an 8. Don't get me wrong it is a very good game but some of the magic from the first game has gone.

'Custom' Disc Drivin - Final Round inc Results

The Final Round & I gave the finalists the chance to choose the tracks they wanted to play.

Round and Round (mcevoy)
Slip n Slide (Indy)
I in the Sky (arn)
Hopper (selector)

Point scoring has changed to 4 points for first descending down to 1 point for last.

arn (13 points)
Indy (11 points)
mcevoy (7 points)
selector (9 points)


Starting order for
Round and Round is mcevoy, Indy, arn & Selector
Results - arn, mcevoy, selector, Indy

Starting order for Slip N Slide Indy, arn, Selector & mcevoy
Results - selector, arn, Indy & mcevoy

Starting Order for I in the Sky is arn, Selector, mcevoy & Indy
Results - Indy, arn, selector & mcevoy

Starting Order for Hopper is Selector, mcevoy, Indy & arn
Results - Indy, arn, mcevoy & selector


Fallout New Vegas - Ultimate Edition

February 10th 2012

Shame it was not released before xmas but something for next year then ..