Skyrim Diary - Entry 17 - Skyrim Map

Dear Diary,

During breakfast Esbern was very quiet, Delphine & Lyida were discussing some the qualities of Ebony vs Dragonscale armour. I asked Esbern to join me for a walk around Whiterun whilst the girls got the supplies ready.

I looked at Esbern and said "I know you want me to go to Skyhaven Temple but all I have been doing for the past few weeks is chasing Dragons, I need a break from it all"

Esbern thought for a moment and replied "I know but you need to understand we cannot allow Alduin the luxury of time, Skyrim is in danger & you the Dovakin (dragonborn) are the only one who can stop him !!"

I sensed the anger & anxiety in Esbern's voice and did not know what to say, then Esbern handed me a rolled up paper. "Here, you will need this to get to Folgunthur"

I opened it to reveal a map of Skyrim.

Esbern said "It does not show you every location in Skyrim but I have marked the places I have visited, heard or read about. But after this quest we must go to Skyhaven Temple"

I look at him & could see the concern in his eyes & replied "Yes"

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