Grand Prix Story - Completed

Another addictive game from Kairosoft (Game Dev Story) this time you take the role of running a racing team. Choose your drivers & mechanics & go racing around the globe on road circuits, off-road & even icy tracks.

Along the way you can research new car designs, parts & train your drivers or upgrade your mechanics. These all help you to develop a faster car so you can compete & win in the various races & grand prix's.

Winning races attracts sponsors to your team who reward you with various items from parts to research or money.

In the game you have a time of 14 years in which to compete after this you can carry on but your high score will not change or you can start a new game + & carry over 2 items from your first game to try again.

The drivers have similarities to real world F1 drivers like Kimi Kone or Ireton Cena. The Krazy Khans went on to rule the racing world with Ben Jutton & Lou Hampton.

There are only three grand prix's for you to compete in but you will need to play the game at least twice before you have a car good enough to with the third grand prix. For me this game is on the same enjoyment level as Game Dev Story because of my obvious love for Formula 1. Now to go back & finish off Sword & Poker 2.


Draw Something - Koopa

There was much debate in the KHAN household about who Koopa actually is with both boys saying that Bowser is called Koopa & I was adamant that Koopa Trooper is a minion of Bowser & thus my drawing reflects Koopa.

Limbo - Completed

I'm working my way through the Xbox Live Arcade purchases, Limbo was purchased some time in 2010, so nearly 2 years later I get round to playing it.

First is the black & white art style which I actually quite like & then come the puzzles. The puzzles will have you either tearing your hair out or grinning with a big smile because you have figured them out. Some have you travelling back & forwards to complete & others have you timing your jumps to avoid instant death.

On the subject of death you will be dying a lot whilst trying to complete the various puzzles & dangers thrown at you but thankfully the game takes you back to the start of your puzzle for you to try again ...and most likely fail.

The plot truthfully I have no idea, you are a boy who is trying to escape from what? & why? That is left to either your imagination or google to read the plot. I won't say much about the ending except that it is very odd & actually in style with the game I suppose.

It is a very short game easily completed in four to five hours but if you love your games taxing your brain & are bored at looking at colourful games then Limbo is the game for you. I for one very much enjoyed the experience & would recommend you stop reading this post & go play Limbo.


Words with Friends - Winning Streak

I would like to say I am that good at Words with Friends but that would be lying, I won the first game (last in the screenshot) by only 4 points & the next by only 13 points.

I done well on the third game by beating Becky 466 points to 280 & the next game was a similar margin of 445 vs 233.

The recent game completed I won 384 to 285, it's Becky's turn to start the next game & my winning streak has got to end at some point?


New Game - Trials Evolution

Within 5 minutes of trying the demo I was happy to spend 1200 points on purchasing the game, it was back to riding a motocross without crashing every two seconds & pulling off stunts along the way to set a time faster than your friends. This time round it comes with some multi-player features (although limited to only 4 players) which I have not yet tested. There is also a track creation process where you can design your own track & download user generated content.

I completed the License D tracks with quite a few attempts before I could get a gold medal & set a decent time. Actually a time that was ahead of my youngest son, I’m expecting Abbas to come and blitz my time when he starts playing the game. Also tried the first skill game where you have a limited amount of fuel & have to drive until it runs out. There is a checkpoint on the way which gives you a small amount of fuel to get a little further. I managed to get 300m+ but will need to revisit to see if I can set a better distance.

The plan was to start playing Uncharted to take a break from Skyrim but Trials Evolution seems to have now taken that slot. Sorry Nathan Drake back on the shelf you go.

New Logo - Trials Evolution

I'll be playing The Never-Ending Story (Skyrim) for ever so time to change the logo to the current favourite Trials Evolution

The Never Ending Story

Hanging with Friends - Slaughtered

I got slaughtered by William in a recent game, failing to guess even a single word. With so many turn based games to play I think on this failure I will now take a break from this game for a while.


Draw Something - Yoda

One more Draw Something post for today but this time the drawing is not mine but Hakk. Of Yoda an amazing drawing we have.

Draw Something - Star Wars

Another Draw Something drawing, this time I give you Star Wars, the death star does look like a flat cookie & someone has taken a bite out of it though :)

Draw Something - It's me MARIO !!

Some debate over the colour of Mario's moustache but another video game word for me to attempt and draw.

It is much easier to draw on the iPad the bigger screen obviously helps.


Skyrim - Jzargo

Let me introduce you to my new follower Jzargo, I met Jzargo at the mage college in Winterhold. He wanted me help him carry out some experiments with flame scrolls & after I found these scrolls were very useful I decided that I would leave Lydia back at Whiterun & let Jzargo join me on my adventures.

He tends to favour casting magic over combat with a weapon, this is good because it balances my approach of a sword & shield.

After nearly 70 hours of adventuring with Lydia I think I just got tired of her saying "I am sworn to carry your burdens"


Scramble with Friends - 1808 !!

Previous high score of 1630 was smashed in this game against Neil with very high scoring 2nd & 3rd round for both of us, but I managed to win with a score of 1808.

Next target is to get 1900 points in a game.


Temple Run - My Personal Best SUCKS !!

I beat my previous score of 121,680 by quite a bit, but my new score of 293,733 sucks when compared to the kids who have all managed to get past 1 Million !!! :(

There are sections of the platform which only have one thin line going down them & I always fail to react quickly enough or I get 2 obstacles in a row & usually hit the 2nd obstacle.

What's annoying is when you miss a power-up, I'm not going to quit yet. One small step at a time next target is to get to 300K

Wish me luck because I NEED IT !!


Lara Croft Guardian of Light - Completed

I started playing this with Abbas back in December 2010 & after running out of retail co-op games to play we have returned 16 months later to complete the game.

It a top down action puzzle affair, you take the role of Lara or Totec (a Mayan warrior) to defeat Xolotl & imprison him back in the Smoke of Mirrors.

You travel across various locations solving puzzles & collecting artefacts. Co-Op play is needed to solve some of the puzzles you come across & useful for reviving the other character if they have fallen in battle.

Easily a 5 or 6 hour campaign that leads you to the ultimate showdown against Xolotl.

There is a nothing new in co-op gaming to play from retail released games so we may have to stay with Xbox Live Arcade for our next game. We do have Portal 2 but I do not want to play that until I have completed the first game. Time for EA to release a new Army of Two game or Rainbow Six Vegas 3?


Splurge - March 2012

£55.09 spent in March mainly purchasing Mass Effect 3 for Abbas & Portal 2 to play at some point in the future after I have completed the first game.

Some Steam purchases in Indie Royale Bundle & Penny Arcade Adventures. After a long time a PS3 purchase in Flower & Grubbins on Ice DLC purchase for Costume Quest on XBLA.

Total YTD £327.96

Skyrim - Bye Bye Lydia

It was time to say goodbye to Lydia, after spending nearly 100 hours adventuring with her it was time to let her rest at Whiterun whilst I travelled the world with my new companion.

Draw Something - Javelin

In this Olympic year I show my lack of skill in drawing with Javelin, but the crowd seem very excited & colourful.

Scramble with Friends - New High Score

Only a few days ago I set a new high score of 1287, little was I to know that I would smash that record only a few days later with an amazing score of 1630, a very close win to the match with William playing a very good round 3 a setting a very high score of 722, but I just pipped him thanks to winning the first 2 rounds.

But I think I will even beat this score in a game I am currently playing against Neil, watch this space.


Jenga - Playing with blocks

Jenga on the iOS platform is quite enjoyable to play & has quite a few different modes on the app from Classic, Arcade to an Online option.

On-line only Pete (Fluffmyster) & Abbas are playing at the moment

I decided to take off all the online turn based games from my iPhone & set them up on the iPad only. This will have me using the iPad more & also will not have me playing the iPhone when trying to get to sleep.

Annoyingly since the move over to the iPad I keep failing to connect to the on-line servers so cannot play any games. Not sure if this is an issue with the servers of my account move to the iPad but I can't play this on-line at the moment.


Draw Something - Stadium

Showing off my drawing skills with Stadium against Kevin.
A missed opportunity, I should have shown Liverpool lifting the FA Cup.

Also I noticed the game changes your word if you do not complete the drawing. I had a chance to draw Kirby for Jaimie after selecting the word I only partially drew the outline of Kirby & clicked away from the app. When I next reloaded the app it lost my partial drawing and gave me new words to select.

I also must get this installed on my neglected iPad, it has got to be easier to draw.

Scramble with Friends - New High Score

Beat my previous score of 1277 by a a little bit to get to 1286. Still can't break into the 1300 barrier.

Does anyone else play this? If so send me an invite.


Draw Something - Tempest

My drawing of Tempest but alas Luffers did not guess correctly. I think I needed some techno music with the drawing.

Draw Something - Pitfall

Alas my attempt at drawing Pitfall for Jaimie to guess failed but how does that drawing look like fencing?

But my eagle-eyed daughter has just spotted that Jaimie did not have the letters he needed to type Pitfall

Anyhow you get to see my attempt at drawing Pitfall


Draw Something - Longest Streak

Everyone and their cat seems to be playing Draw Something & the Khan family are no exception, I achieved my longest streak of 37 with Abbas yesterday.

The game has now been purchased by Zynga so only time with tell how it develops into Draw with Friends.

Until then if nothing else this app is improving my drawing skills or then again maybe not...


22 April 2012 Space Channel 5 day

22nd April is Space Channel 5 day in memory of Owen.

I failed miserably last year to get past the first stage, I am hoping to do better this year.

So go into your basement or lofts & find your dreamcast console & games.

Hero Academy - Dwarves

New heroes are introduced regularly to Hero Academy by the developers Robot Entertainment but the prices for these new teams are usually priced at a premium of £1.49

Dwarves recently went on sale to 69p because of the release of another new team The Tribe.

I enjoy playing this lovely strategy title but I think the developer needs to look at what it can offer to its gamers for free instead of just spending their time developing & charging for teams. Look at all the free content given on Angry Birds or the free disc drivin maps, how about they look at the maps or gameplay types the player can play with the teams & give that away for free?

Anyhow I am still enjoying playing the game albeit only with a few players, most from UGVM have moved on, If you want a game send me an invite to gospvg


Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - Completed

After winning 12 cups with the Krazy Khans, I have no choice but to call it day & retire. Not because I want to but because the game keeps freezing & locking up my xbox 360 when I go into the trading section. A quick search on google shows this to be a common problem but alas no fix from EA.

So I wish a fond farewell to my Krazy Khan, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Liverpool squads. I never did get enough money to purchase Messi but I did manage to get Stevie G for Liverpool. Abbas has given up on the game but Monster is still playing so I will now transfer over any players he wants & sell the rest of my squad to pass him over the money so he may have a chance of buying Messi. After being away from the football genre for a very long while, I have enjoyed my time with Fifa 11 & will be purchasing Fifa 13 later in the year.


New Logo - Back to Skyrim

Call of the Dragonborn
I completed the Gears of War 3 game a while ago & have returned back to playing Skyrim

Marcus's Posse

Temple Run - Keep on running

My current highest score is 121,680 which pales in comparison to my daughters 350K+ or Abbas who has now achieved 700K+ but still I will continue to run to try and achieve a higher score & hopefully avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead.