New Game - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

After completing Battlefield Hardline I had nothing else to play & was a bit unsure about what to purchase. Asking fellow gamers on rllmuk two games got mention quite a bit Bloodborne & The Witcher 3.

I did not enjoy Dark Souls on the 360 & I don't enjoy playing excessively gory & potentially scary games. So I ordered The Witcher 3 along with Far Cry 4 (mainly to give Abbas something to enjoy) & DriveClub (I'm itching for a racing game, have not played one on the PS4.

DriveClub & Far Cry 4 have not been delivered but The Witcher 3 was waiting for me when I got back from work on Friday.

Over the weekend I have enjoyed making potions, swimming underwater for treasure, killing ghouls, finding a lost frying pan, getting scared by a noonwraith, collecting herbs & hunting a griffin.

I did have reservations about the game because of Skyrim. I thought I was done with medieval style rpgs but boy how wrong could I be, the Witcher 3 is an amazing game & I'm only still in the first location.

I've got a couple of side quests to complete before I turn in for my main quest & some locations I need to check for loot. Really wish we had a three day weekend so I could play the game some more.


Battlefield Hardline - Completed

With only ten episodes, you can very quickly complete the game if you play a few episodes every evening. Just like binge-watching any tv show, I binge-played through all the episodes to complete the game.

I arrested all the warrants & collected all the evidence to complete the case files.

I did encounter one bug on episode eight where I died at a particular section & the game went into a checkpoint loading loop. I had to quit & restart the episode, thankfully it remembered all the evidence I had collected & warrants completed.

It was short but an enjoyable experience, I've no interest in the multiplayer so onto the next game.

I'm got nothing left on the shelf to play (maybe I should have kept Dragon Age to try for myself) with only Destiny & Fifa 14 so time to buy some games. I've decided to go with Far Cry 4, DriveClub & The Witcher 3 which should hopefully keep me busy until September.


Fallout Shelter - Vault 101

One of the many surprises to come out from E3 was the release of Fallout Shelter. An mobile/tablet game which has you looking after your own vault managing the people, resources & challenging the wasteland. It's similar to any resource management game like tiny tower etc but it's FALLOUT !! & it's free. You can if you wish spend money to purchases lunch boxes which reward you with resources, caps, armour, weapons or new dwellers.

I currently have 35 dwellers, some equipped with armour & weapons. I decided to go for the layout below because when building an adjoining room you can merge three of the same rooms together to make a larger room which produces more & stores more of the resource. 

I have two dwellers who I have equipped with the best armour/weapon to wonder the wasteland looking for loot. It is a fine balancing act of dwellers & resources to ensure you can easily manage your vault. My next target is to build another power plant to reduce the pressure on that resource. 


New Game - Battlefield Hardline

After completing AC Unity next on the shelf was Battlefield Hardline. The presentation is very good, styled like a US cop TV show with episodes & recaps.

You play the role of Nick Mendoza who is a Miami cop involved in the drug war. Each episode advances the main story line whilst also giving you two types of side quests to complete.

The first are warrants, you have to identify your target & take them into custody. This is tough because your target will not be alone & you need to take out the other enemies with stealth so you can arrest your target. I've failed these warrant targets a few times & have had to retry from the last checkpoint. You don't have to retry & you can just carry on with the main campaign ignoring this side quest but where is the fun in that?

The other is case files where you track down clues to various cases, this is quite easy (although I did miss a couple & had to replay an episode) you just use your tracker to locate the clues to scan them. These cases do give you further information on the main quests so are not a pointless collectible.

I especially enjoyed episode 3 which has you visiting the everglades & you can drive an airboat. You are rewarded with more skill points for arresting an enemy which upgrade your level to unlock more weapons etc. The idea behind is to stop you going in gung-ho & just killing everything you see, trying to get you to play like a cop & arrest the bad guys.

Anyhow back to the everglades for me, I got some warrants to complete.


Capitals - Beating the Pro's


I have played many matches with Jocha in Words with Friends & very rarely beaten him but managed to get an early win against him in Capitals. Also finally won a game against magicaldrop having lost the last six.


Capitals - Longest Match - 57 Round win.

I won an epic 57 round match against CBoy, finally taking over his castle & clearing off his tiles to win the match.

Destiny - Vault of Glass Guide

I have spent the last couple of weeks with help from Shimmyhill & Uncle Mike finishing off the RLLMUK guide to the Vault of Glass raid, go take a look & read for some useful tips.

I've completed the Dead Kings DLC for Assassin's Creed Unity & have gone back to playing with the level 28 Warlock to try and get it up to 32, this will give me two chances of completing the nightfall every week for Etheric Light drops.


Capitals - The Hopkins Comeback

I came very close to beating Neil, I captured his capital but could not clear out his other red tiles to finish the game.

Neil then mounted an excellent comeback and beat me in a 19 round game.

Well played Neil.


Mario Kart 8 - Winning

I usually play with Wario but I've been doing very poor lately albeit I blame the randomness of the pick-ups for that because on many occasions I would go from 1st or 2nd to finish 6th or below because I've been smacked by Red or Blue shells.

I changed to try Toad and played pretty well in all the races to finish 1st, winning the trophy.

So let me take a moment to gloat :)


New Game - Capitals

Capitals is the latest game from NimbleBit (Tiny Tower, Disco Zoo).

It is a word base battle game where the other players tries to attack your castle or in my case alien (you can customise)  to win the game.

My first game was a 21 round marathon which I won.

Current stats are 15 games played, Won 9 & Lost 6.
Longest word is Mountings.

Destiny - Level 32

I've finally made rank 2 on the crucible & I purchased new boots to go along with the new vanguard helmet to take me to level 32.

Now starts the hunt for Etheric light which you can gain from the Trails of Osiris PvP mode, the higher level 34/35 Prison of Elders or the Weekly Nightfall (which is probably my best chance).