January 2024 Update - Fortnite Multiverse

LEGO Fortnite game mode, explained - Dot Esports 

Playing NOW

Fortnite (PS5)
Back on Fortnite again!
The game has had a huge update with lots of different modes including Lego Fortnite & Rocket Racing. The current season pass also has a Solid Snake Skin!

I have spent a lot of time playing Lego Fortnite with my daughter, now just waiting for some new content drop. Rocket Racing has a lovely arcade feel and nice drift mechanic but also needs to introduce some quality of life features in terms of the lobby & track choice.

Assasin's Creed Mirage (PS5)
Going back to it's stealth roots, AC Mirage is a much more shorter concise expereince set in Baghdad.

Playing BIN
Persona 5 Tactica (XSX)
I went off Persona 5 Tactica because it just seem to repeat the same formula of stage battles leading up to a boss fight with no new mechanics & became very repetive.

Forza Motorsport (XSX)
Rocket Racing is currently scratching my racing itch so I have left Forza alone for now.

Playing NEXT
Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth (PS5)
Pre-order placed with Shopto, probably the only game I will buy on release this year. I need to finish off AC Mirage over the next few weeks.

Playing FUTURE
Spiderman 2
Baldur's Gate 3
Cyberpunk 2077
Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Midnight Suns
Shadow Gambit - Cursed Crew
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Playing Backlog
In no particular order I own the following I still want to play.

Life is Strange
Lost Judgment
Outer Wilds
Shadow Tactics
Disco Elysium
Empire of Sin
Bioshock Collection
Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen
Like A Dragon Ishin