Dead Island Riptide - It's all about the mods

Not posted about Dead Island Riptide since the New Game post so a quick update.

Dead Island Riptide fun factor comes from the various mods you can collect throughout the game.

These are found scattered around the island & you need a base weapon with some materials to create the mod from any workbench.

I created a High Voltage (upgraded version of the shock mod) in the recent PMG with a Sugar Cane Knife some duct tape, wire, battery & electronic scrap. It does a very nice 1000+ damage.

I also collected a Medieval mod yesterday but I don't have a base weapon to create this yet.

The story is progressing along we are on chapter 7 having gone through some tunnels to face a boss fight against The Wrestler. Lots of fire damage & grenades helped us bring him down.

Arriving at the ferry station we were met by thugs who wanted to take all our gear, that ended in them meeting a 'group fury' & getting pummeled to death.


New Game - Tiny Dice Dungeon

Tiny Dice Dungeon ticks all the many RPG boxes with monsters, quests, experience points, boss fights & inventory management.

Your weapon of choice though is the DICE !!

Depending on what you roll will decide how much damage, healing or other special attack damage you can deal to your enemies.

If you roll a 1 however you will miss your turn. You can catch monsters to train & fight alongside you through the various quests. After a few stages of dungeons you will encounter a boss fight & once you have defeated your MIGHTY (& I mean MIGHTY) foe. You will have saved another villager which unlocks another shop or feature in the game.

The world map seems quite small but the dungeons soon become challenging thus requiring you to revisit the earlier stages to do some grinding to level up your character & monsters. This grinding does not feel like a chore because it gives you the opportunity to capture new monsters, collect & equip new items & find shards from defeated monsters.

To add the game does have wait mechanics (countdown timers) for your players stamina to reset. This does not bother me because I don't get more than five or ten minutes to play during a day.


New Game - Mass Effect 3

Yes I have Knack & Dishonored to still complete but I have forgotten the story, button control & what I was doing in both of these games. Also I really wanted to start playing Mass Effect 3 instead.

I imported my 45 Hour ME2 character to receive bonus credits & level stats to upgrade some skills.

The Reapers have arrived & Earth is under attack. Ashley has had plastic surgery & arrives in time with the Normandy to save you. A quick trip to Mars reveals a Prothean weapon that could be useful against the Reapers but alas Cerberus possibly also have the data. Ashley also gets her butt kicked & ends up in the Citadel hospital. Whilst I walk around trying to convince the citadel politicians to get take the threat seriously & support Earth.

A few subtle changes to the interfaces with a quick save on the back button but otherwise it is the same control method. The map screen is now slightly easier telling you where characters are located. I have not noticed any other differences.

After the brief tour of the Citadel I'm on a mission to save a turian primarch.
Rumours about ME Trilogy inbound for PS4/XB1, wish the developers would focus on releasing new games rather than releasing previous gen games with a fresh lick of paint.


Disco Zoo - Diamonds are forever & Funky Bus

Animals are forever
(Forever, forever)
Dance with your animals if you feel the vibe
Animals are forever
(Forever, forever, forever)
The Zoo is still alive every time I rhyme
Forever ever, forever ever
Ever ever, ever ever, ever ever, ever ever, ever ever

Close your eyes and imagine, feel the magic
Disco Zoo on acid
Seen through Specsaver glasses
And I've realized that I've arrived 'cuz

Animals are forever
(Forever, forever)
Dance with your animals if you feel the vibe
Animals are forever
(Forever, forever, forever)
The Zoo is still alive every time I rhyme.
Forever ever, forever ever
Ever ever, ever ever, ever ever, ever ever, ever ever

Gotta make a move to a
Zoo that's right for me
Disco to keep me movin'
Keep me groovin' with some energy

Well, I talk about it
Talk about it
Talk about it
Talk about it
Talk about, Talk about
Talk about Disco

Gotta move on
Gotta move on
Gotta move on

Won't you ride on my
Funky Bus
Won't you ride on my
Funky Bus
Won't you ride on my
Funky Bus
Won't you ride on my
Funky Bus


Deus Ex HR - Missing Link - Completed

Alas no Pinky & the Brain but a scientist who was willing to spill the gossip on Belltower if I could save her arse. Making my way back through the prison complex & Burke has now become aware of my presence (maybe it was the dead bodies littered all over the facility that gave me away). How does he react? like every evil bastard he decides to gas the prisoners & my Edward Snowden scientist.

"You must choose, Sheriff Jenson, Prisoners or Scientist?"
Hint - There is a way to save them both which is what I did.

I expected Burke to be a boss fight like the main game but I sneak onto the top of his cabin & drop a gas grenade in through the roof. Job Done. Catch the next express freight service to Hengsha.

Missing Link completed.


Pocket Mine, Ridiculous Fishing & Dice Jockey - Completed

After a couple of months of playing this & on top of most of the leaderboards it is time to call it a day with Pocket Mine.

The last challenge was to top the deepest exploration leaderboard which I recently completed.

Ridiculous Fishing is very similar to Pocket Mine in that it is an endless depth challenge. Collect the fish to get the money to purchase upgrades.

Anyhow moving on ...

Dice Jockey was a lovely little Devil Dice clone but with only 30 puzzle levels it is very quickly completed leaving you with only the survival or time limit modes. It is a game which is easier to play with a controller when you are aiming for a high score or the clock is ticking down so with the puzzle mode completed it's done.


Trials Frontier - Unlimited Fuel

A recent mission introduce a new boost item which allows unlimited fuel for 60 minutes !!

Perfect item for some quick cash boosting or part collecting.

Only downside is that to purchase another of these items I need 120 gems. Thankfully the slot machine & the tier 2 tracks reward you with quite a few gems so if I wanted to save up 120 it would not take too long.

With the recent new Jackal bike and quite a few upgrades to the earlier bikes I'm now revisiting the earlier tracks to get some gold medals.

There is of course the time clock cheat to refill your fuel tank by advancing the system time by an hour to recharge your tank but I don't get more than 15 or 20 mins to play during the day which I prefer to spend on the slot machine tracks for earning more money/gems or the missions tracks.


Trials Frontier - Jackal

Got the final piece to unlock the Jackal bike. Unfortunately it's stats are quite low at the moment but it does now allow me to ride the tier2 tracks.

Need to get some luck on the slot machine to get some money to upgrade.


Lost Cities - Winning Streak

The majority of my posts are now done via the iOS Blogger app thus it's very easy to take a screenshot & post.

Luffers is on a bad streak at the moment in Lost Cities :)


Trials Frontier - Slot Machine

The game has now introduced a slot machine which you can spin every hour (cooldown timer which you can finish by using gems) this gives you a track to complete without any faults.

When you have completed the track you then get a turn at the slot machine for prizes which range from coins to gems.

The game does have quite a few in-app purchases but I've not felt the need yet to purchase any. My current fuel meter is 35 which gives me the chance to play seven tracks. After this I leave the game alone & come back later when it has been refilled.

I'm currently trying to get the last piece to unlock the Jackal bike. But Butch just pips me to the line, I need to try a better line through the track with a few tricks to get a better landing.


Deus EX HR - Missing Link

Tied to a chair getting beaten to a pulp. Who are you? Why are you here?

Meh! Yeah like I'm really going to tell you?

After the cut scene your shackles mysteriously unlock & you are free to roam around.

Missing Link tells the story of what happened to Jenson when he hid in the freight container during the main game.

I like the way everything resets you have no skills & no weapons. It's all hand to hand combat until you can loot the soldiers.

Set on a ship I got a very Metal Gear Solid vibe especially when outside & the rain is lashing down.

All I needed was a cardboard box & some cigarettes.

Keitner (the lady who was punching me earlier) is the one who set me loose. She is a double agent & wants to gather evidence against BellTower.

When you find your armour you are also gifted seven piraxis points. I immediately went for the hacking upgrade to level 5 & punch through wall ability. Later I unlocked the jump higher ability & extra carrying limit. There are quite a few levels on the various maps & lots of hidden paths to loot areas.

I've spoken to Keitner who has uploaded my biometrics to the security servers to give me access to the prison area where I find out that BellTower are conducting experiments on the prisoners.

I now need to get hold of an artificial eye to gain access to a hidden lab. Hopefully I'll find Pinky & the Brain planning to take over the world.


2048 - Dad I want something new to play?

My daughter wanted something new to play on her iPad so I downloaded her 2048 & showed her how to play beating my own high score in the process. DOH!!


Dice Jockey - Devil Dice returns

Back in the PlayStation years there was a classic dice puzzle game called Devil Dice, you move the die around to match up the numbers to destroy them. Dice Jockey takes the same gameplay & ports into to iOS. I'm working my way through the puzzle stage first before trying the Time Limit or Survival mode.


Trials Frontier - Butch

Took me quite a few attempts but I finally managed to beat Butch, he ran off to a new location & left behind part of a blueprint for a new bike. I'll still continue to upgrade the Tango bike for now.



Deus Ex Human Revolution - Completed

I have not played the earlier Deus Ex games but if they were anything like Human Revolution then I pray for a HD remake so I can play them. Everything from the soundtrack, combat, stealth, hacking to the character voices was spot on.

I eventually unlocked all the abilities earning enough experience points & purchasing piraxis kits.

So many choices throughout the game that effect the outcome of the plot & none more so than your final decision.

If I had more time I would definitely play the game again to try and earn one of the more difficult achievements & see the alternative endings.

This game is so enjoyable that it has to be added to the Top list taking the number to 34.


New Game - Trials Frontier

Yes it is a freemium title & is stock full of in-app purchases but so far I've managed to play without any paywalls. I've unlocked the second bike 'Tango' & I'm currently upgrading so I can take on Butch.

It has the same one not go appeal of the XBLA games just a shame the leaderboards are UPlay registered. Gamecentre leaderboards would have been better.

You use fuel for each track you race & this replenishes over time. Parts are needed to upgrade bikes which you get from a roulette wheel when completing a track.

A world map unlocks new tracks when you complete various missions.

I've got quite a few silver times but not a single gold yet. I think these will come with more bike upgrades.

Now to go find my UPlay username & password ...


Completed - Football Chairman

After winning the Euro Shield & finishing 1st in 76/77 season. The 77/78 season saw Oxford United complete the Quadruple winning all three domestic cups & taking the Champions League.

There is now nothing else left to achieve so I'll walk off into retirement.


Football Chairman - Champions League

2072/73 has been the best season so far for Oxford United. After ten seasons of playing in the Champions League we have won it.

Beating Real Madrid 2-0 at Rome.
This comes after winning the FA Cup a few weeks earlier & finishing top of the league with 101 points !!

The new stadium is also now getting average attendances of 100K for the season.

With all this success comes the annoyance of your manager getting approached.

If you reject the approach you lose 20% in the manager being happy. So after a few approaches if you continue to reject the manager ends up quitting the job.

This makes it very difficult to build up a Bob Paisley style legacy with the best managers always getting poached.


Football Chairman - Super Stadium

After finishing first in the league again, three points short of a hundred & 11 points clear of Man City. I decided it was time to splash some cash.

With 465 million in the bank. During the season 68/69 I was always maxing out my home attendance on 40K. Instead of increasing the capacity to 60K, it was SUPER STADIUM time !!

Which you can either in-app purchase or spend 250 Million in game money to purchase.
With the maximum 120K capacity, I've not yet managed to fill the stadium. The highest attendance being 65K against Barcelona in a recent European match.


Football Chairman - Premier League

Premier League CHAMPIONS !!!

Tough season with Chelsea & Man City challenging all the way but I pipped Chelsea by one point to take the title.


Pocket Mine - New High Score

After finishing with Danger Boat it was time to return to Pocket Mine.

New high score depth of 651M which also takes me to the top of the friends leaderboard beating Something Witty.


Completed - Danger Boat

After 12 hours of Danger & 540K metres it's time to call it a day with Danger Boat.

The game is a leaderboard challenge & I leave at the top of all three. From the make of Disc Drivin (why have they not made a sequel yet?!) Danger Boat had me trying to complete the daily challenges & missions for the past few months.

Time to now return to the mines & start digging.


Deus Ex Human Revolution - Faridah Malik

Died, load latest save...
Dead again load latest save...
Giant robot .... oh fu....c..$£!!...Dead

I've spent quite a bit of time with Deus EX HR since my last post, thoroughly enjoying Hengsha & discovering it's secrets. Taking a quick stop at Montreal before arriving back at riot stricken Detroit.

Along the way I have upgraded quite a bit of my abilities now including stealth, typhoon & punch-through-wall skill.

After Detroit the story takes you back to Hengsha. Upon your arrival the helicopter is shot & forced to land. Faridah then comes under attack from soldiers & asks you to run for the exit.

Did I? I take you back to the beginning of my post.... Died, load last save.


Completed - Army of Two Devil's Cartel

It's a shame that most co-op games on the 360 are shooters, after many years of playing these the genre has now become tiring. We still went ahead & completed this game but I would be lying if I said it was an enjoyable experience.

Just ticking off the various missions until the cartel was destroyed leading to a final showdown with Salem.

Game Over. Done. Finish. Complete & with it possibly the last 360 co-op game.