Deus EX HR - Missing Link

Tied to a chair getting beaten to a pulp. Who are you? Why are you here?

Meh! Yeah like I'm really going to tell you?

After the cut scene your shackles mysteriously unlock & you are free to roam around.

Missing Link tells the story of what happened to Jenson when he hid in the freight container during the main game.

I like the way everything resets you have no skills & no weapons. It's all hand to hand combat until you can loot the soldiers.

Set on a ship I got a very Metal Gear Solid vibe especially when outside & the rain is lashing down.

All I needed was a cardboard box & some cigarettes.

Keitner (the lady who was punching me earlier) is the one who set me loose. She is a double agent & wants to gather evidence against BellTower.

When you find your armour you are also gifted seven piraxis points. I immediately went for the hacking upgrade to level 5 & punch through wall ability. Later I unlocked the jump higher ability & extra carrying limit. There are quite a few levels on the various maps & lots of hidden paths to loot areas.

I've spoken to Keitner who has uploaded my biometrics to the security servers to give me access to the prison area where I find out that BellTower are conducting experiments on the prisoners.

I now need to get hold of an artificial eye to gain access to a hidden lab. Hopefully I'll find Pinky & the Brain planning to take over the world.

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