Fallout New Vegas Dead Money - Dean Domino & Christine

Walking around the villa you find suitcases full of ammo & stimpacks. These belong to Dean Domino who uses them when he is short on supplies. I managed to find Dean in the residential district but he wanted me to help him get the treasure of the casino instead of Elijah.

Not sure what this treasure is that everyone wants to get but having Dean with me means I can walk into the poisonous cloud for short periods without any damage to health.

Having recruited Dean I then went looking for Christine in the medical district. Just like the main game you can only have one follower so I sent Dog/God back to the fountain and went with Dean.

Dean has a weapon so the ghost people I encountered were easily dealt with. The medical district also had some speakers which I had to destroy on the way to the clinic. The clinic has a hologram guard who you cannot destroy but by using stealth I was able to make it to the emitter on the wall & deactivate it to turn the guard off. I found Christine in one of the auto-docs on the second floor, she has no vocal chords so conversation was difficult.

Anyhow with the last member of the team recruited it was time to return to the fountain to talk to Elijah & break into the Sierra Madre

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