Uncharted - New Game

Wow !! how beautiful is this game?

The game takes you down a set path & you can't deviate from it to explore the area unlike many action adventure games. It has some nice action set pieces but some of these are just button press sequences.

Where you do have some control is how you decide to take on the enemies by either using weapons or melee attacks. There is a variety of weapons from AK47 to Shotguns & a plentiful supply of ammo either left by the enemies you have killed or on various crates throughout the game.

There are also some puzzle sequences through out the game but so far none that are complicated. The voice acting is very impressive & the story keeps you engrossed & moves along at a nice pace. I can't help but think of Lara Croft when playing this game & look forward to seeing how the reboot of Tomb Raider plays next year. Anyhow back to Uncharted & adventure awaits

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