Fallout New Vegas - Dead Money

It's good to back in a fallout game, Dead Money is the first dlc for Fallout New Vegas and takes place in an abandon casino the Sierra Madre.

You start the game getting kidnapped & are taken to the villa outside of the casino where Father Elijah wants you to gather a team & break into the casino.

All of the weapons & items you were carrying are taken from you and you have to start from scratch searching every corner & house for any weapons or healing items you can find.

Dog or God (a split personality super mutant) was the first person I recruited. He was locked up in the police station cell, you have to be careful because when you were kidnapped Elijah fitted you with a bomb collar which if you go near any speakers will explode. Your collar emits a beep when you are close to a speaker so best to search & destroy it before you carry on wondering.

Having Dog/God with me made combat much easier against the ghost people because he charges in & uses his fists to rip them apart. It also means I have some extra carrying capacity because you don't have any house or safe location where items can be stored.

I'm now off to look for the next person Dean Domino.

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