XCom - Overwatch

One of favourite tactics is to put five soldiers into overwatch & use the last soldier to lure out the enemy. When they move BOOM !! five soldiers attack & take them out. It is very satisfying luring the enemy into a trap & having them destroyed in what is essentially the aliens turn in the game.

I have upgraded my main group of six (two support, two assault, sniper and a heavy) to maximum levels unlocking all their abilities whilst also equipping them with titan armour & plasma weapons.

Satellites have now been launched over all the countries & all that remains is to upgrade the interceptor fleets & equip them with plasma cannons. If I had only one wish for this game it would be the chance to increase the squad size to eight this would allow be to have another sniper & heavy in the team.

I have again pre-ordered Batman Arkham Origins hopefully I can complete XCOM before the Dark Knight arrives.

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