PS4 - Preorder cancelled

Watch_Dogs (Yes I have only just changed the blog logo) has been delayed by Ubifarce so this had me thinking what other game I would get on release with the console. I have no interest in the Battlefield/CODs/Fifas or Need for Speeds of the gaming world so what else was left? Knack? Ok seriously what else was left? Killzone or Assassins Creed 4, a generic shooter or a cow that has been milked too many times?

In the end I decided to cancel my pre-order none of the release day games interested me so I will wait, possibly a year. Until then the current gen (360 & PS3) has more than enough to offer. GTA V & the Monday PMGs will keep me entertained online during my last year of gold subscription & XCom, Mass Effect 2 & 3 & countless PS+ & XBLA games will give me enough single player games to enjoy. When I purchased GTA V I stupidly cancelled my £27.99 pre-order for Batman Arkham Origins & £17.99 pre-order for Deus Ex HR Directors Cut so now I will wait for both of these games to get released & drop in price before purchasing.

The other option was the XB1 but truthfully it is not even in contention thanks to Microsoft’s policies I don't trust them & the amazing value PS+ offers. I will be buying a PS4 just not on release.


  1. A sensible decision I think. Any games I'm interested in for the PS4 are also coming out on the 360 and PS3 (and Wii U) so it's not worth paying over the odds for a launch machine just for slightly prettier graphics. The price of the machines will drop after a year and I'll get one then, along with ten games that have been released in the meantime (and which are available for a tenner a piece).

  2. The lure of the shiny & my indecisiveness is playing havoc with me head & heart at the moment.

  3. Don't do it! It will still be just as shiny next year!

    1. Sorry I am weak & I have decided to go for it. I agree there will be more games this time next year & the released games can be picked up cheaper. I don't see the price of the console dropping below £299 if it does at all so for a saving of £50 sod it i'm getting it on release. Only the second console I have purchased on release after the PS1.