GTA V - Don't be afraid to try new things

Yes the language is atrocious but nothing more so than in an adult movie. After playing the single player tutorial I jumped into the online world to start another tutorial. Once that was completed I finally managed to join the UGVM Rebels.

We started off with some races on motorbikes both on which I got pipped by Hakk & Luffers at the line. Then some car racing which I was dreadful at, a mission to collect some drugs & drop it off at a location which I promptly died instantly but we completed on the second attempt with me being the getaway driver.

We then moved onto a parachute jump which I totally messed up followed by a BMX race in which I just got off the bike & started shooting at Luffers & Hakk. We then drove to another mission & along the way I decided to knick Luffers car whilst he was shopping for ammo, after Luffers got his revenge, Hakk gave me lift in his convertible mini to the meeting point. I promptly then died by the gunmen whilst jumping over a wall, deciding to go for a more stealthier approach with a pistol?! I then climbed to the top of an industrial complex only to fall to my death, Luffers then went & completed the mission on his own.

We finished up the evening with a round of golf, I am not a fan of the GTA games because of the violence, language & sexual content in excessive nature but the online playground is very good fun & one I will be revisiting again & again during my last year of my live subscription.

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