Wii U - 3 into 5?

My son transferred his mii from the 3DS to the Wii U this morning to play Super Mario U, when he loaded up the game it came up with my save file?!
The Wii U does not lock down save files to profiles?!
Upon further searching on google, my worst fears confirmed. New Super Mario Bros U only has THREE save files per console & not per user profile.
What a f@@&ing joke !!
How do Nintendo expect my family to play NSMBU with only 3 game saves per console when we have five players that want to play ?!

I had over 100+ on Fallout New Vegas & 200+ on Skyrim on the 360 !!
Thankfully the same issue does not apply to Zombi U or Nintendoland but so far I have been disappointed with the Wii U with the three games purchased. Mario U does look lovely in HD but due to the save file issue I have lost any interest for this game. I really really hate the Nintendoland presentation, annoying floating TV presenter. Zombi U is interesting to play but I'm still getting used to playing with the supersized DS gamepad & not enjoying it.
Hopefully Lego City Undercover will be here soon to change my mind on the console but so far very disappointed. I will also try some of the multi-player games on Nintendoland if I can get pass the annoying Mario Partyesque graphics & presentation.

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