Tomb Raider - Completed

Apart from my obvious hate of QTEs the game itself is very enjoyable, I enjoyed running, jumping & climbing around the map to get the collectables. The storyline is not bad with pretty decent voice acting.

The tombs were much simpler than I thought and the puzzles were a tad on the easy side. 

I hated the gore especially the death sequences, I did however like the Metroid touches of collecting/upgrading weapons to return to previous sections that were inaccessible.

Fire arrows are easily the best weapon in the game but disappointed that Lara did not have her two signature guns or the cartwheel move. The developers should have played the original playstation games & have some Easter Eggs relating to the previous games.

There are obvious comparisons with the uncharted games but I found Tomb Raider more enjoyable that the two uncharted games I have completed.

It's good to pick up a game & play to completion without getting distracted by anything else. Not a bad record for me two weeks from start to finish.

Next then some Forza Horizon with the very possible distraction of Lego City on the Wii U.

I understand Lara did not sell in the numbers SquareEnix wanted, I for one hope this is not her final game. She can be so much better & hopefully next generation will see her return with her next adventure.


  1. Does this game suffer from endless spawning enemies like Uncharted does? I couldn't stand that in the Uncharted games and abandoned them after completing the first one.

    1. No re-spawning enemies at all in the whole game. Abbas is still playing Ni No Kuni so it you want to borrow it let me know?