Wii U - Initial thoughts

The OS seems really sluggish, the game pad too big & do I look at the TV or the game pad to play?!

After fighting with the wifi settings, running the system update & creating my mii. Two hours later I finally got to play with the console. Whatever happen to the open the box, plug & play experience of the cartridge generation?

I browsed the mii verse, added some friends, signed up to some notifications & visited the eshop to download Street U which was fun for two minutes.

Only got a brief chance to try Mario U before the Sugar commanded the TV. It looks lovely in HD but really the game pad is TOO big.

Will spend more time tomorrow because I've got the kids mii accounts to create.

Hopefully also get a chance to try Zombi U & Nintendoland.


  1. Can't say I really thought the gamepad was too big, I adapted to it really quickly. It's not heavy and the hands are in a comfortable position when playing.

    Like you though, I find the game on the pad and screen to be distracting. I would prefer it if it didn't mirror the action on games like Mario U.

    I don't have this issue when playing Batman as the screen has a different use (the map mainly). I find this superb as it prevents having to pause the game, I can just glance down. I also love the way it's used as the communicator/computer. A great example of what can be done with this controller!

    A way to turn off the controllers screen is badly needed though. Maybe in a future firmware upgrade...?

    You'll love Nintendoland with the kids, you'll need a "Wii U Remote Plus" controller to get the most out of it, but the multi-player mini-games are brilliant fun!

  2. I need to play with the controller more to get comfortable, agree there should be some way to turn off the gamepad screen, found it really distracting when playing Mario U.

    Looking forward to trying Nintendoland & Zombi U this evening.