New Game - Ni No Kuni

Going to a game show, nothing really surprises you anymore because we have all seen the trailers & gameplay videos thanks to the internet.

But last year at Eurogamer I played two games I knew nothing about Tokyo Jungle & Ni No Kuni.

Ni No Kuni is beautiful lets just get that statement over with, it is Studio Gibhli teaming up with Level 5 to make a J-RPG

I have not attempted to play a J-RPG since the Final Fantasy fiasco a few years ago, Ni No Kuni has its frustrating moments in some boss fights which require you to do a bit of thinking in how to tackle the fight. The fight sequences do not give you a moment to pause, so make sure you press that L1 to stop the action, giving you a brief moment to regroup & plan how to take on a particular boss fight. If I am truthfully honest I do not like the fight sequences, I much prefer the stop, think approach of a final fantasy game.

You collect familiars (Pokemon if you wish) though out the world & train them up to fight for you. They have the usual range of attacks & their own special attributes.

In the story I have just gotten a ship at Castaway Cove & now have two more companions in Esther & Swaine. We are off to to find a great sage in the town of Hamelin. I am however going to take a short stop at Castaway Cove to rejig the familiars I am carrying & ensure I have an evenly balanced squad.

After a weekend of playing I am enjoying my return to a J-RPG.

Tidy !!


  1. I'll likely pick this up next week along with Dead Space 3. Going to start DS2 today

    1. I've not played any of the DS games yet, tried the first turned it off after 15 mins. Too scary

  2. I gotta say, it sucks not being able to just go out and buy a new console. I wish I could play this game, but I can't justify buying a new console when I don't even have time to play everything I have right now.

    1. Yep that the mistake I made this gen was having more than one main console but I tend to only purchase PS3 exclusives & anything multi-platform will be on the 360