Completed - Halo 4

Another adventure with Master Chief, flying pelicans, riding mechs & driving tanks. All to save earth & cortana. There is a lot more story & emotion in this game compared to the previous three. The game shows you more of the character of Master Chief & the relationship with his AI, Cortana. I won't go any more into the details or spoil the story.

343 studios have done a very good job taking over Bungie, it remains to be seen if Master Chief will become a yearly mascot or other games will be released in the halo universe.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flying level, it's Star Wars inspired ducking & diving around the obstacles. They could make a game just on that alone or to please me how about a game with the mech. I still think the mech is weak but we were playing on legendary difficulty so I am going to do something that I've not done in a long time. Play the game again !!

This time on normal difficulty, exploring all the maps to find the collectibles & enjoying the vehicles in the game.

Abbas will confirm I get very attached to my vehicles especially the tank, mech or pelican. Thus when they are taking out by a wraith I would rage & charge in to kill the wraith with grenades.

It's not master chief but the vehicles that make the halo universe so enjoyable to play. Master chief just gives you a character to follow his adventures.

We know this is the start of a new trilogy so I'm looking forward to the next adventure with Master Chief .... & Cortana.

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to ask, how contained are the first three parts of Halo? I don't own an X-box, but it seems Halo 3 will be released on the PC, so I thought about playing through 1 and 2. Would you say the first three games don't need Halo 4 to be a complete story. I'm guessing the answer is that they don't, but I wanna hear people's opinions :D

    Keep doing what you're doing, btw.