Micro Transactions

"EA is building micro-transactions into all of its PC and console games, the company has announced"


Seriously !! WTF !!

You know EA will also be charging up front for the game & then expect you to shell out more with in-game purchases etc.

What worries me is that all the other big publishers will also follow EA's lead.

Watchdogs in-app purchase to upgrade hacking abilities.

Final Fantasy 47 in-app purchases to gain a level-up or purchase a powerful weapon.

I know EA had in-app with Dead Space 3 & you can complete the game without but how long before a game is designed with in-app purchase in mind.

Resident Evil game to heal yourself you need to purchase a med pack or rest for 8 hours.

The possibilities are endless.

I may have to think twice about clearing out my collection, I think keeping a few choice titles from previous generations may be a wise move.

The next gen will be approached with caution, I'll sit back & wait a few years & then go buy a Nintendo Wii U.


  1. I couldn't care less about EA. There's more games out there right now than I'll ever be able to play, and there will be more, even if all the major publishers suddenly die out.

    If they have a market where their approach works (and they probably do), that's great for them. I'm not part of that market so it doesn't affect me.

    1. Agreed, I have more than enough current gen games to play & enjoy.