2012 - The year that I will

The year that I will ... call these my new year resolutions but being gospvg it is all about gaming of course :)

So this year I will ...

Complete a Playstation 3 game
Quite easy just need to get round to playing Uncharted

Not purchase any game above £15 except (Borderlands 2 & presents for the boys)
With my current backlog of games again this should be quite easy to achieve. I cheated a bit by purchasing quite a few titles towards the end of 2011 :)

Complete a Wii game
I've own the console for quite a few years & have not completed a single game, looking at possibly Super Mario Galaxy or possibly even a Zelda game?

Clear out my ATTIC !!
I have no choice, this has to be done to make way for the attic conversion

Only 4? Yep that's it I could not think of any more & wanted to set myself goals I could achieve. Of course if this is the year of the Armageddon then I will not be around to post in December on how I done :)


  1. What about the girls why aren't we aloud presents we count aswell not only the boys

  2. Of course my girls will get presents just not games :)