2011 - The year that was

Back in January 2011 I posted my 2011 The year that I will so time to recap on how I done last year.

This year I will not buy games to sit on a shelf #2011 #ugvm
Ok I think we all know this was a big #fail

This year I will play the games that I have forgotten inc Fable, Mass Effect, Bioshock & Dragon's Age #2011 #ugvm
Apart from Fable 2 I have not played any of the other games mentioned above #fail

This year I will play at least 2 UGVM PMGs a week #2011 #ugvm
This sort of worked through-out the year but mainly it was just the usual Monday PMG game Borderlands followed by Lost Planet 2 #Win

This year we will have our first UGVM meet in February at Cambridge #2011 #ugvm
In fact we done better we had two meets Cambridge & Nottingham #Win

This year I will go back to pc gaming thanks to Guild Wars 2 & Back to the Future game. #2011 #ugvm
I did purchase new PC during the year but alas I have not played a single PC game #fail

This year I will win a game of Chess with Friends ..... hopefully :) #2011 #ugvm
The few games I did play I was dreadful at #fail

And last of all this year I will clear out my attic & reduce my video game collection :( #2011 #ugvm
I got rid of a few consoles during the year but not near enough #fail

On now to 2012...

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