Skyrim Diary - Entry 5 - Sven

Dear Diary

Danica from the Temple of Kynareth wants to restore the Gildergreen to its former glory thus I am off to search for a weapon called Nettlebane which will help me retrieve some sap from the Eldergleam tree.

Before going to Orphan Rock I decided to pay a visit to Riverwood, upon arriving the town was under attack from a dragon !! Sven saw me & shouted "Perfect timing !! could use your help if you are not busy?"  The dragon was hovering above town & spraying frost breath on any victim it could find, leaving the dragon in town was dangerous & I needed to get him to land so I could attack. I lured him out of the town onto an open field where it landed & I equipped my Red Eagle sword & charged in to attack, after a few swipes the dragon flew back up into the air & attacked Sven with it's frost breath. I saw Sven fall to the ground, I then charged at the a dragon with my sword & went straight for his head. The dragon fell to the ground & it's soul lifted & got absorbed into my body.

I ran over to Sven whose body laid motionless on the ground, I screamed out "No !!" !!! Lydia put her hand on my shoulder and said "My Thane, he has gone" Sven was dead !! I picked up his body & took it back to town. His mother & Camilla burst into tears and cries of "Why" !! I felt really numb inside, Why did the dragon attack? What do they want? Why did Sven have to die !?

With these thoughts in my head I turned to Lydia and said "Let's go" The townsfolk had now come out & collected Sven's body to prepare for the funeral. I took out a coin bag & clutched Sven's mother hand, gave her a glance & walked off.

I got back on my horse (Marr) & set off to Orphan Rock. I think I need pay the greybeards a visit to find out what they know about these dragons. Upon reaching Orphan Rock Lydia turned round and said "Ok?" I replied "Yes!, let's go get this nettletwig!"

The rock was surrounded by witches but I was in a determined mood & walked straight in with my sword & shield. The witches spells were ricocheting off my shield but my sword would swoop down on them to kill, nothing could stop me today. A Hargraven then screamed my name "Dragonborn!!" & Lydia turned round & shot an arrow straight for her head. I walked over, removed the arrow & collected the nettlebane blade.

We then rode back to Whiterun not saying a single word to each other, Lydia took Marr (the horse) to the stables & I went to the Temple. I walked over to Danica & said here is your weapon, placing it on the table. She looked at me & could see I was angry "what happened?"

I explained what had happened in Riverwood & she replied "I'm sorry". I asked Danica what does she now do with the blade? She said "I need to ask if you could take this blade to the eldergleam to retrieve the sap for me please?" At this point a pilgrim asked "If I could please travel with you Dragonborn, I would love to visit the eldergleam". "Fine, I'll see you tomorrow morning by the gates".

Returning back home I could not help but think of Sven .. RIP my friend.

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