World of Keflings - Completed

Another game I completed towards the end of last year.

After my previous post it did not take us long to arrive in the desert kingdom. From here we quickly started to produce the buildings that were needed to then find out the princess wants to marry a frog? A frog? Ok if you want. So you are then task with building a castle fit for them to live in & live happily ever after.

I enjoyed very much the local co-op aspect of the game but I always feel a sequel needs to offer the player something new & different to experience from the original. I don't feel Ninjabee took enough risks with this sequel & stayed with the tried & tested formula. Maybe dlc content may throw up something else?

For 800 points, it was an enjoyable XBLA release, but unlike the original game one you will not revisit again unless you want to unlock some of the remaining achievements.

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