New Game - Fable 2

Back in September I done a post on the "The games that time forgot", this year I plan to play some of these games. Abbas started to play Fable 2 & watching him play got me interested in the game so I started to play, which means Need for Speed HP & GT5 will have to take a back seat for a while.

I instantly found the ability to not jump very frustrating in the game & the co-op does not work very well so we decided to play single player. I set about accumulating cash to purchase stalls & shops before I went on to buy & rent houses. I now own all of Bowerstone, Gypsy Camp & Oakfield.

The game has an enjoyable storyline & various sub quests that can be taken to pass the time. You can also use emotions to interact with other characters some with funny outcomes. I am enjoying the sense of humour in the game. I have also gotten married twice & have a child with my first wife, looking after your family can be an annoying distraction & soon becomes tiresome.

I have just completed the crucible challenges in the main quest & before I go to the spire I am completing various side quests.

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