Borderlands - Completed

I have had this game for a while the best part of a year & only towards to the end of last year I finally completed the main campaign. It's an interesting mix of first person shooting & rpg adventuring. You start the game with a choice of 4 characters, who have different skills. I started with soldier who comes with a turret skill that when activated will release a turret for a few seconds.

During the game by completing quest & killing enemies you will gain experience points to level up your character & your skill tree. The game also has an enjoyable shopping system for buying weapons & shields & these come with various skills from auto-healing to restocking ammo.You can very rarely also find a rare weapon or shield in these shops.

The storyline has you a mercenary bounty hunter go looking for the location of the vault. It's a weak storyline & does not really develop that well, I think this in part due to the fact that I was playing this game on/off over 12 months & with various local co-op partners.

This game can be played with up to 4 players on on-line co-op or 2 players on local co-op. The game adjusts the strength of the enemies in accordance with the number of players. Also the loot that is dropped from enemies will get better the more players you have.

Overall it's an enjoyable game that plays well, the story-line I felt was a bit weak but combat, looting & levelling up is where the game shines. Worth playing even if it did take me a long time to complete.

I now have the dlc content to play which I have gained from various sources, digital & retail release. This will probably take me the next 12 months to complete.

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