New Game - Disc Drivin

A twitter post in the morning from Neil on a new turn based racing game called Disc Drivin. Turn based racing? Yes exactly that's what I thought, so I downloaded the free (ad - based) version to test with my son, after a few turns & some laughs at our failure we quickly realised that this will be a game that will be played. Carcassonne, Words & Chess with friends were all getting on a bit so we needed a new turn based game. The ads on the free version appear after every turn so we then went for the paid ad-free version. A post on UGVM, some twitter posts & by the end of the day quite a few from UGVM were playing.

If you have ever played the board game Pitch Car then you will know what to expect, you are a disc and you have to flick your way round a race track whilst using powerups.

The game does need a few more features like a friends list & a leaderboard maybe they could implement the 'Arpad Elo' system used in Carcassonne. Also it would be great if you could save the replay of your turn to a video file to show your great moves or epic failures.

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