New Game - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

I did not enjoy the demo, I found it very difficult to control the cars. Yes I know it's a racing game & I'm crap at them but I'm sick of playing FPS games online all the time. Criterion done a very good job with Burnout Paradise so when I saw Hot Pursuit on sale for £23.99 it was a no brainer to buy.

You can start the game as a cop or racer and completing various events gives you experience points to level up which unlock cars & more events. The events are different types from your bog standard race to a classic chase HQ take out the racer in your cop car. I even managed to set the fastest time on some events which had my son shocked & amazed at my 'Skillz'. He then promptly spent the next hour trying to beat my score & did but oh well for that brief moment I enjoyed the notion that I was good at racing games. Your times are posted to an Autolog feature which challenges you when friends beat your time on a particular event. I have not yet tried an online race, hopefully a few on ugvm will have gotten this game over xmas so we can have a PMG in the new year.

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