World of Keflings - Desert Kingdom

We got the final piece (I won't say how for those of you still playing) & can now travel to the Desert Kingdom. We arrived, had a look around. It seems smaller than the Forest Kingdom which will probably mean that you have not many blueprints like the Ice Kingdom which was disappointing, it was a small area & only had a handful of blueprints.

Anyhow back to the Desert Kingdom we had a little stroll around it feels like an Arabian village but our stay was brief because my daughter wanted to go back and finish off the Ice & Forest Kingdom. By finish off I mean she wants to harvest all the materials, finish all the blueprints & have everything looking nice.

We went to the Ice Kingdom first and had the majority of the keflings working on the ice blocks with a few on Ore, annoyingly you have to be present in the Kingdom otherwise the keflings sit bone idle. They do not happily work away in your absence, so we set about moving all the harvested material to the workshop. We have one blueprint left to do 'Long House' but require a burning heart which we have not yet found (Hopefully hiding underneath one of the material blocks).

Next the Forest Kingdom, we went for some easy acheivements first for emotions & kefling canon music. Still can't figure out the acheivement 25 decorative items, we easily have more than that. We took our little ice house & surrounded it with an ice wall, banner towers, pond  & some trees.

Then began the massive task of harvesting all the material, mainly wood & crystals. Luckily this uncovered some eyeballs & hearts, which we could then upgrade our abilities & get more keflings. We are nearly done on the forest kingdom & then the Desert Kingdom awaits, shame we can't fly there on a magic carpet.

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