Ipod Touch - What Apps?

After getting my new 4th generation Ipod Touch the question was what apps to install, so this is a quick list below of the apps I installed without a second thought.

Carcassonne - easily my favourite multi player ipod touch game, the classic board game with friends.

Words with Friends - basically like scrabble & you can play online with friends

Chess with Friends - the same as words but chess obviously & I'm really bad at it

Facebook & Twitter - the standard social apps

eBay & orange Wednesday - ebay app is nice and easy to use & the orange app for local cinema listings

NewsTapLite - usenet app for ugvm

Blogwriter - for writing to my blog

Angry Birds - easily the best value for money 59p !!

Blocked - tile based game, move the blocks around and find the exit for the blue block.

Mr Space - great little time waster, move you man into the spaces to survive

Shining Force - Sega Mega drive strategy RPG luckily my save file happily moved over from my old ipod touch.

.. and that's it my 13 must have apps on my new fast iPod touch

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