Halo Reach - Campaign

Finally started the campaign on Legendary with ActionAbbas, I am now noble six, the gung-ho spartan who goes charging in, kills a grunts & then blam dead !! It's lucky I have a re-spawn point in my co-op partner oh wait he's dead too, bugger back to the previous checkpoint then, it's tough on legendary. Winter Contingency is the first level in the game, some nice Avatar style cut-scenes and you are now investigating why some army troopers have disappeared, the reason? surprise surprise it's the covenant. Nothing special in this level really the usual take out the covenant in the area, still took us 39 minutes but I think that was more to our approach of charging in, killing a few & dying. ONI Sword Base is the next level, a research facility is under attack & you have to go defend it. There are too many and you fall back into the building only to be ambushed by some more elites, after clearing the area you have to go activate an anti-air gun which is off-line, lot's of enemies around the area so it's quite tough to get to the control room to activate the gun.Back to the base then to clear out any remaining enemies, a cut scene then informs you that the elite's who ambushed you were after some notes about artefacts, oh well I hope they enjoy reading them. That's all I've done so far next level Nightfall has you starting with sniper rifles so should be fun :)

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