Halo Reach - Multiplayer Roundup & UGVM Feast

Time for a quick update on Halo Reach. Since release day I have only being playing matchmaking & have yet to start the campaign. On Friday I had a very good ugvm pmg (planned multi-player gaming) session with approx 15 players online !! Possibly the best turnout for a gaming session since Burnout Paradise. We played various match types from Slayer to Infection but I still prefer head-hunter or capture the flag game types these seem to bring the best out of me. The younger members of ugvm MightyMiniMan & ActionAbbas obviously showed the older generation how to play the game but we did ok for old-timers at least some of us did :) I'm now a Sergeant Grade 2 but I don't really think my skill level has improved at all I am still averaging about 5 or 6 kills on a slayer match but I perform much better on fire fight. I also by accident managed to unlock quite a lot of the fire fight achievements by joining manofkent on a custom fire fight with unlimited health to get up to 1 Million points and various smaller achievements along the way. A bit disappointed about getting these without really trying but there is always the high score challenge for me to beat. I have still not decided on which is my favourite load-out but I tend to favour the Jet Pack. Hoping to start the campaign soon which should provide some challenges.

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